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Post-Wearing Review: Bodyline shoes178 – Neutral


I picked up Bodyline’s Shoe Model shoes178 in Dark Pink, size 25, to match with my Bodyline Candy print skirt. I ordered them on December 13th, 2012, along with a pair of brown boots, a couple flower hair clips, and a second pair of the same shoes by mistake. I had the order shipped by EMS, and I received it December 17th, 2012.

I wore them for the first time to katsucon in February 2013. To get to the convention, I took the metro and a bus and I was carrying a suitcase. I’m not sure what happened, and when, but I lost an an*tai*na shoe clip I had on the side of my shoe (which was quite loose) … and the sole split off at the toe.

Bodyline shoes178

I don’t remember kicking anything oddly, or tripping, but here we are. I was able to grab some krazy glue at the hotel and glued it back together (which made me super nervous, seeing as I was wearing a brand new JSK!) and it was fine; I walked around in the shoes for another 12 hours after that with no problem.

They don’t have a lot of padding, and I’m not used to walking around for that long, so my feet got a little sore and bruised on the bottom, but that was expected. I got no blisters. I did get some black scuffs on the inner toe from how I walk, but they rubbed off with a tiny bit of water and my finger, no issue. The straps have snaps under the buckles and are a good length. All in all, aside from the issue with the sole which might be due to my unconventional travel that morning; I’m really not sure, I’m quite pleased with the shoes, so I’ll give them a neutral.


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    1. (Sorry about the delay; I had comments set to be moderated because I have a HUGE spam problem :/)
      I probably should get some insoles for them. I think half the problem is just that I don’t walk that much normally.

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