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Flash-Back LJ Post Import: Closet Child Review – positive

Now, before I start, I do want to say that I’ve ordered from them twice before with no problems.
One of those past orders had a bunch of little chocomint things as well. I’m hoping that they are understaffed, and this will be resolved and I can change it to a positive, but I was hoping someone else might offer some help on what to do.

This order was unfortunately not the best.

I made two orders. The first one was for a skirt, two headbands, and 18 chocomint accessories. The second one was just a couple days after and it was a JSK that I wanted as well. So, I got my e-mail about the larger order, it says to request shipping within a certain time period since I’m a repeat customer, etc, but since I already had ordered the JSK, I figured I’d wait to get the confirmation about that, and request both to be shipped at the same time.

I was sent the template e-mail by mistake once (which lists two sample items, and therefor confused me since I hadn’t ordered them), but other than that, all e-mail communications were correct (and that was apologized for and cleared up easily. People are human; I’ve not problem with that but I’m mentioning it to be fair)

The package got here amazingly quickly. The box is entierly intact, clearly hasn’t been opened, no holes or tears.

I opened it up, and as is pretty standard, my JSK and skirt were nicely folded and inside a large cellophane bag, taped closed. (I didn’t take pictures, sorry) they are great, as expected (the JSK fits like a dream, and I’m absolutely in love with it…)

There was a second large celo bag, (it might have been in the biggest one.. I think it was, but I can’t remember; I wasn’t planning on writing a review) which contained smaller bags. My two headbands were in a bag (perfect, just as expected) and then there should have been 18 chocomint accessories.
There are only 14.

Granted, I made it very hard on them
I ordered two colors of one hairclip, and then two each of those colors. So I should have had 4 hairclips, two in each color. I only got one of each.

I also ordered two bracelets, in different colors, and only got one of the two.

And lastly I ordered the star and music note bangle and it just wasn’t in there at all.

They were all packaged nicely in little celo bags, and foam where needed, and taped closed.

I’m imagining that someone just lost count while filling the order and got confused, and I’m hoping it will be easily resolved. I sent in a contact form (two actually, I totally didn’t notice the missing bangle because I was checking the other items for someone else, so I had to send a second e-mail)

The box is marked 20 accessories (18 expected chocomint, two headbows), and I paid for all of them, and I wasn’t sent anything saying they were out of stock…

I’ll update this with any news. I’d have waited until after, but I’m concerned in general and am hoping for advice.

UPDATE: apparently, they had trouble with their mail server so the email telling me that they would ship it once something came in didn’t get to me. Once I re-contacted them, it went out right away and I got the items quickly. They didn’t charge shipping for the missing items either, so I’m pleased with the final result. They were super nice and sweet about the whole thing too, once I got a hold of someone.

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