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Angelic Pretty Spring 2017 Line!

Angelic Pretty had their winter tea party last night, and snaps are already surfacing that hint at their new pieces for spring. Here is a rundown of what I’ve found so far!


Angelic Pretty Ombre Misty Sky 2017 Angelic Pretty Ombre Misty Sky 201715192528_1845421015695067_4694753704924867348_n

Misty Sky 

2 ombre colors of misty sky are being sold to tea party attendees on a make to order basis.

[source] [source] [source]


carriages ott2 ott2b main2 bk01 tit_about czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Brilliant Princess Story Dress Set

This dress has horses pulling what looks like an royal carriage. It also has flowers or snow? And some sort of circle with a flower type motif? I’m pretty sure this is the print that they used for all the party branding.

~ Take a white horse carriage and go to the ball ~
¥ 469,800 (tax included)
Dark blue
Set contents 2 pieces: Headdress and Dress

Reservation acceptance period – Tokyo Shop Only
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)

Secret Rose Princess

ott  czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Sucre Rose Princess Dress Set

A very OTT OP. The main fabric has a 4-petal flower texture.

~ Sweet dreams of Princess like sugar confectionery ~
¥ 297,000 (tax included)
Set contents 3 pieces bonnet, choker, dress

Reservation acceptance period (Tokyo Shop Only)
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)

Angelic Pretty Lady Cocoa

poodles cyfjs61ukaekhwn czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Lady Cocoa Dress Set

This print features poodles in hatboxes, bows, cameos with crowns in them, hearts, crowns and chandeliers

~ Mademoisel in love with Paris ~
¥ 183,600 (tax included)
Color black
Set Contents (2 pieces) Ribbon barrette × 3, dress

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat) 12: 00PM

[source] [source] [source]


stripe czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Dolly Cappuccino Dress Set
~ The scent of bittersweet cappuccino drifts Tea Time ~
¥ 205,200 (tax included)
Set contents (3 pieces):
Ribbon Barrette × 2

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat)12: 00PM



cyfjs61ukaekhwn czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Lady Milk Dress Set
~ Mademoisel dreaming of Paris ~
¥ 172,800 (tax included)

Set contents (2 pieces):
Ribbon Barrette ×3

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat)12: 00PM


Something in red and black?



barbie 15258782_1868403120055830_1354259980781355008_n

Prism Princess Dress Set
~ Fantasy dress interwoven with light ~
¥ 221,400 (tax included)
Color: Ivory
Set Contents: Ribbon clip × 4, OP

An elaborate pink and lavender OP. The main fabric appears to be a rose brocade.

[Source] [Source]


~ An angel who flew to the stage ~
¥ 162,000 (tax included)
Color: White × Pink
Set Contents: ribbon clip × 3, feather head dress 1 pair, dress, 4 sleeves set sleeve Set


Dreamy Perfume Dress Set (top left)
~ Dressed with a little admiration ~
¥ 297,000 (tax included)
Color: Lavender
Set contents: 4 points of long veil, headband, choker, dress Set



Queen Rose Princess Dress Set
~ The garden loved by the Queen ~
¥ 243,000 (tax included)
Color: mint
Set contents: choker, dress


Rinrin in some sort of lace OP

[Source] [source]



Something that matches a tricolor bow? They accessorized with french bread, so I’m saying probably something similar in concept to french cafe?



cyfjxtoucaab4mn  cyhkq4xxeauwipv cyhkn7mxuaab1av

Some sort of school look?

[Source] [Source] [Source] [source]


This looks to be a blue based print, probably cherry themed, with cherry applique on the collar. The accessories are tartan.


cybobnuuaaabh_r 15203300_1256833621058689_231049577621399183_n



Update: this is Blue with crowns! And they look like they are the crowns from the navigation on the party page. The OP is pictured has rows of crowns that flip rightside up / upside down, long sleeves, a white collar and a red belt.

[Source] [Source] [Source]

tumblr_ohfkiymr3x1s9hxveo2_1280 cybt0wguaaadhgm
tumblr_ohfkiymr3x1s9hxveo1_1280 cyb0ovnuaaats17 cyb0ovoveaae_a1 cyov-g5ukaa1jwx

Some sort of trump or circus print? There are trump applique on Kimura u’s blouse collar.

[Source] [Source] [Source] [Source] [source]


green cyb-shsuaaexocx15241282_10211083495673771_319849746754117413_n

Imai Kira x Angelic Pretty – Daydreamer Bed

[source] [source] [source] [source]


Strawberries, bunnies, daisies and gingham, perhaps?

“This one is a border print with rabbits (realistic style drawing) and strawberries and the background is gingham.”


small-1 small-2 small-4 small small-3

Some sort of big cherry print on white?


I’m thinking it’s probably a match to the tea set they gave attendees?

tumblr_ohfj8zj9hk1s9hxveo1_540 tumblr_ohfj8zj9hk1s9hxveo2_540




I don’t know what this is, but it looks pretty fabulous…



Some sort of swirly lace print? XD


cybeahsuoaausmw cyg4i8nvqaaulta

I got nothing on this one. Bunnies, or gingham, maybe?

[Source] [Source]





We’ve got a big crown on her head, a blue blouse, a crown on her shoulder. Some sort of red sash, and a white dress?

[Source] [Source]


Looks like there is a pink bow across the front, and it’s got a headdress that is sax or mint with pink?


cye1dzouuaaflox cye1xmqviaahzta

We’ve got a white  collar with a /\ sort of shape in the middle that goes into a red (textured?) stripe. The headbow is tricolor, and the blouse is navy with a stripe bow. Could be a border print or some sort of school print? Probably books or bears in there somewhere given the book bag she’s holding up?



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