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New from Innocent World: Fairy Tale,19th Century France

Innocent World Fairy Tale Series
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Innocent world just introduced a new series, Fairy Tale. It’s currently up for reservation. The OP in this series is a little different from some of their others in that they have really branched out and taken influence from an almost medieval dress pattern. We have a bodice which can be on or off the shoulders, paired with a wide belt-like portion at the waist which looks rather like a waist cincher.  The end result is something that looks a little like a fairy tale dress that was inspired by a medieval fantasy bar maid costume. Now, while a part of me is laughing at this a little, I do think it’s different and interesting, and I comend IW for thinking outside the box.

My favorite pieces from this series is the Fairy Tale Square Jumperskirt, I really like the square neck and the balance of the contrasting colors in the green x chocolate and the beige x red colorways.

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As for the print itself, I’m still puzzling over what fairy tale (or tales) it is. We clearly have snow white accepting the apple from the disguised witch in one of the three frames, and then, in another we have a sleeping princess, which could be snow white as well. Granted, it could also be sleeping beauty, or some other sleeping princess. The last frame (far left above) is what puzzles me. It has a wolf, wearing a red cloak, chasing a bunch of animals. It brings to mind Little Red Ridding Hood, except, the wold never wore her hood. It also brings to mind Snow-White and Rose-Red, in which Rose-Red sometimes wears a red hood, but they met a bear, not a wold. It could be the three little pigs, but that doesn’t explain the red hood either. So really, I’m wondering if it was just a made-up scene that doesn’t go to any story.

19th Century France
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This is Innocent World’s other new “print” that is up for reserve right now was well. I use the term print somewhat loosely here, because, as you can see, other than the socks, the print is pretty much limited to just a little oval.

It features a little girl in a striped dress with what looks like a basket of grapes (or plums?) walking arm in arm with a little boy, and a circle of roses. I don’t really have any strong feelings about this one, personally. I think it’s a little odd, and slightly frumpy, but, not really bad or really good. I am, however, surprised by the thigh-highs. These are Innocent World’s normal knit socks; they are printed thigh-high tights! I assume it’s because you can get a more detailed print when it’s printed then you can when it’s knit, but I really hope Innocent World doesn’t abandon OTK socks all together (not that I think they would!) in favor of these or anything like that, because I much prefer the socks (or full tights).

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On that note, they have introduced two pairs of ankle socks as well in this material this past week. I’m not sure how these are exactly supposed to be worn. If they are expecting people to wear them with nothing else on their leg, then honestly, I think it’s going to look a bit tacky. Trouser socks like that are usually not worn with skirts unless they cover the top of the sock.

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