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52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : My “Signature” Outfit

Today’s post from the 52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge is 48. My “signature” outfit.  This is actually hard for me, because I actually haven’t been wearing what most of my friends consider my signature outfit very often lately, so I don’t have many good pictures of me actually wearing it! I think part of the issue as well is that I wear 2-3 different styles, so I sort of have a signature classic look and a signature sweet look, but they are very different (and it’s really funny to run into people who have only seen me at conventions where I almost always wear deco sweet, while I’m wearing classic and there is sort of this surprised “wait, you wear classic too?” or the opposite, which has happened too).

At frill 2012. My friend is grabbing me pretending she's like a monster, and I wasn't sure if she would want that face posted. XD
At frill 2012. My friend is grabbing me pretending she’s like a monster, and I wasn’t sure if she would want that face posted. XD
2013 for a zoo meet up. Another time I'm being shy, quite coincidentally.
2013 for a zoo meet up in DC.                   Another time I’m being shy, quite coincidentally. I had a red umbrella most of the day too, but it didn’t photograph well.
But I think I can safely say that my signature look is red x pink deco sweet (usually with brown twin tails). I actually was at a convention and I hadn’t told anyone I was going, I just showed up around noon-ish on Saturday and wandered until evening and that was all the longer I was there. So no one I know actually knows I went, I’m wearing this really puffy curly deep wine-ish brown wig, and I’m wearing Angelic Pretty’s Toy March JSK in wine x pink with navy and gold. I’m walking through a big room, and I hear, back over my shoulder somewhere at least 3/4 of the way across the room, someone calls my name. Now, they were behind me, I’m wearing a weird wig, and no one even knows I’m at this con. So I turn around and I’m like looking around behind me about to to just brush it off, because I have a really common name, and I just never got out of the habit of answering in public, even though it’s usually just parents calling their little kids, and there is a group with a couple lolita sitting on a sofa like, way across the room, and in that group is Cinabunnylol (this was way before we were dating; I think we had only met 2-3 times before this) who basically said she saw someone in red x pink and knew it had to be me because my wardrobe is all red x pink. Which is hilarious because it’s not totally red x pink, but that is what a bunch of people who know me well think.
Raine Dragon Wardrobe Colors
See? I totally own other colors.

For classic, I don’t have a signature look that really stands out or anything, but I do have a pretty standard casual classic look from outfit to outfit. Usually I wear wine, brown or black. Usually I wear a bolero and usually I have flowers in my hair which are usually off to the side. Usually I don’t take photos of these boring outfits, so here is one really blurry shot I took at the airport while waiting for a plane

Casual Classic

On a side note, I keep catching myself using the term “deco sweet”, which isn’t really a common term. It’s just my own personal short-hand for “Things that range from OTT Sweet Lolita to Deco Lolita that has more order to how the accessories are arranged”.


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