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Coordinate Ideas: Don’t Egg Me On

Meta has really outdone themselves this time. It’s odd, when I think of Meta, I tend to think of their raschel lace monsters, their questionable choices (bunny camo anyone?), and their lack-luster accessories (sorry, but many of the things they sell accessory-wise just aren’t that impressive, IMHO.)  But, to be honest, when I flip through their past work, and really look at all of it, I find a lot more things I like from them, then I do from other brands like BTSSB. So, in a way, I feel like Meta has a little bit of an image problem. They make such a wide range of things and some of those things are really quite shocking to people because they deviate so far from people’s idea of what should or shouldn’t be lolita. I really liked the concept for their dim light series, but the art style wasn’t really my favorite (it would seem I’m a print snob ;__; ) and there were things I wanted from IW, so I passed. But the more I look at their new Fancy Egg print, the more I want it. I don’t know if it’s the splash of colors, or the unique concept, or the fact that it’s elegant and sweet at the same time, or if I subconsciously am sad about the last few things I passed on from them, but I’m really considering getting something from this series, despite being actively in the process of clearing out a lot of my more pastel stuff.

Metamorphose Fancy Egg Bustle Pinafore Dress

Now, lets be honest, when life hands you a print this fantastically OTT, one simply HAS to explore the possibility of going absolutely insane with it. So, here are some ideas of what to pair with this fantastic print.
Egg Purse
            (Top left – Vintage Egg Purse)






I found a number of egg themed necklaces, some hand made, some vintage, a pair of earrings, and the most fantastic find, that vintage bag, all in the right color palette and egg themed. Now, while I didn’t find any egg-themed shoes, there are pleanty of fantastic Marie Antoinette themed OTT heels that would be amazing with this. I stumbled upon this pair on Etsy, and the seller apparently hand-dyes them and takes custom orders, so having a pair made to match the dress (either in this style or another) is probably possible. Or a nice pair of matching, OTT lolita heels, or brocade shoes or even a nice pair of gold heels would probably work.

Marie Antoinette Heels

The more I look at that bag, the more I want this dress just to have an excuse to buy and wear it.

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