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Second Hand Coordinates Under 15,000 Yen #1

One thing I see a lot from new lolita is that it’s impossible for them to afford brand because it’s just so expensive. While I certainly can understand where the idea comes from, it’s a bit misleading. While I buy some things new, many of my things were bought second hand. The key is to be patient, and to keep your eyes open for things you want. This series will explore buying second hand brand items currently available for sale, along with off-brand items, to make coordinates for a fraction of the price they would cost new. I’m going to try to avoid items that are damaged, but I don’t read Japanese, so it’s possible a few might slip through.

Angelic Pretty JSK – 2,900 Yen (
Angelic Pretty Blouse – 3,000 Yen (
Angelic Pretty Purse – 3,000 Yen (
Angelic Pretty Socks – 1,000 Yen (
Angelic Pretty Headbow – 1,500 Yen (
Bodyline Shoes –  1,600 Yen (
Total: 13,000 Yen
(which leaves 2,000 yen for random pink and black accessories!)

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