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Ordering From Angelic Pretty Japan: 2020 Update

The first step is to register with Tenso ( if you don’t yet have an account. You will need to verify your identity with them, so it’s best to register well in advance.

Next you want to make an account with Angelic Pretty Japan. Go to and click on the “Log in” link

The right-side of the page is for registering a new account.

Tip: The password should be at least 7 characters. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols like! “? $% ^ &) To make it more robust.

You username will end up being whatever is before the @ symbol in your email adders. For this demo, I’m using an ancient email address of mine from middle school in the 90s that starts out with Kawaii_neko_sakura, so that becomes my username.

You will then end up on the dashboard tab of your My Page

Go to Address

Click edit next to shipping address (or billing we are doing the same for both)

Log in to tenso and go to
Now copy the color coded pieces over to the AP screen. I’ve blacked out my address, and put in #’s for numbers an A for “letters”, so that there is some idea of what it is…

You can also reference this page:

I actually just realized I mashed part of the street address into the municipality, but it still got to me, so, I guess it didn’t matter?

Tenso’s guide says the part I have in Magenta and navy can be split across the 2 address lines if you want. I didn’t in the past, but it seems to be valid to put this on address line 1:
And then on Address line 2, it’s:
(your 6 digits account number starting with TS.) 転送コム

Repeat the same thing for the other address (shipping and billing).

Note: My credit card company objects to this now, it didn’t used to, now it does. You may need to call your credit card co and get them to not flag transactions from AP as scam transactions if the address doesn’t match. It doesn’t seem to be possible to put in a foreign address.

Time to finally buy stuff. Pink buttons are good. White buttons are bad. If it’s a white button that says something in Japanese (not sold out in English) it means that they might have it in a retail store somewhere, but it’s not in the stock that is set aside for online sales. If that happens and you really want the item, contact a personal shopping service like Tenshi Shop. Usually they can call the store and do a store transfer to their local shop (though you do have to wait like an hour or two after an item is released before this is an option IIRC).

I find that if the page is translated to English, it doesn’t work. So if you translate it with chrome, set it back to Japanese after.

I also find that if I open, say, a bow and an op and let both pages load, and then click add to cart on the OP… and then switch tabs and without re-loading hit add to cart on the bow… it sometimes doesn’t work right. It seems to be fine normally, it’s more of an issue during crazy releases when their server is having problems.

This is the cart confirmation screen. Click on Proceed to payment if everything looks correct.

If we registered the address, this next part should be filled in and we just need to go down to payment

There are many beautiful payment options here. If you don’t live in Japan though, none of them are for you except paying by credit card.

So, select credit card payment and put in your info. Then hit place order.

If everything went correctly, you should get an order confirmation. If you get some weird error that is just a number, it’s usually an issue with the payment (card details are wrong or your bank is blocking it)

Hop on over to your past orders and you should see a new thing there for this order.

After that point, you wait for Tenso to get the package, and then you do the rest through Tenso’s site which is in English (if yours is not in English, make sure you are going to

Angelic Pretty releases new items on Saturday at Noon Japan time. That corresponds to Friday at 11:00pm or 10:00pm in East Coast USA time depending on daylight savings time.

Items frequently sell out within 5-15 minutes of being released.

Adding an item to your cart does not reserve it for you, it’s not yours until you see that confirmation screen.

Do not attempt to buy multiples of the same item in the same cut/color the minute it releases. Some releases have limits to prevent resellers from scalping them. They will cancel your whole order if you violate this and buy more than the limit.

Do log in before trying to view sale items, sometimes they only show the sales to registered users.

6 comments on “Ordering From Angelic Pretty Japan: 2020 Update

  1. Hey! Thank you so much for this guide; it really helped me through the order process! My order status on the AP website just turned to “done” today, and I was wondering if you knew if that just means they shipped it out or if it was delivered? Nothing shows up on Tenso for me yet so I’m a little worried. Thanks!

    1. Done is the last step AP has, but I want to say it’s the equivalent of “shipped”. If you copy-paste the order number into your email’s search their should be an email from them saying it shipped, unless it’s changed recently. You are going to want to give it a few days after that email for it to reach Tenso. If it’s been more than 2 weeks since it’s shipped, it might be an issue, but anything less, I’d chalk it up to covid mail delay

      1. Thank you so much for this! I know AP will sometimes quietly restock things.. do you know if restocks are set to a specific time as well? Is it worth it to check every day at noon Japan time for restocks?

        1. No, I don’t know off hand. Usually if they re-stock it’s because an order broke the rules and was canceled, or because stuff was less popular in store than online, so they consolidate some stock online. I know they do consolidate sale stock at the end of the in-store sales (online shop is the last to have a sale usually), but not exactly when.

    1. Your bank might be blocking the transaction. Otherwise, double check the card number, expiration date, and stuff like that. Mine stopped working for a while and then I was issued a new card from my bank and now it’s fine again with no real rhyme or reason.

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