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Coming Soon From Angelic Pretty: Cirque du L’・toile

51tkRriPO+LAngelic Pretty just published a new e-mook, which has a showcase of their Autumn 2016 line and comes with a tote bag that features their new Cirque du L’・toile print. It’s only¥ 1,706 and you can get it from Amazon Japan: ANGELIC PRETTY 2016 Autumn Collection (e-MOOK 宝島社ブランドムック).(Amazon Japan ships world wide, you just have to make an account with them because the are separate from Amazon USA, or Amazon UK, etc) It’s currently a pre-order set to start shipping on June 28th, 2016.

I’ve purchased a few of these e-mooks in the past, and the photography tends to be really pretty. The book is nice, but it’s short and all in Japanese. IMHO, a copy of spoon or a Gothic Lolita Bible would be a better book investment if you just want a single book of pretty lolita pictures. However, it is balanced out by the fact that it comes with a bag. It’s worth noting that it’s not a typical brand bag. It’s not made from the same fabric as the dress. Instead, it’s more of a cheaper, waterproof material that is suited to a casual tote bag. The ones that I have used a lot have not held up super well. I realize that this sounds like a really negative review, and that’s not my intent at all. I guess what I’m getting at is that you aren’t going to get a book that is the same quality as a gothic lolita bible AND a brand quality tote bag for the approximate cover price of an issue of the GLB, but for the price, it’s not bad at all. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone who is expecting a more formal looking tote bag; it’s definitely going to be an informal, casual bag. Good for carrying junk at conventions or meetups though!
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The big news however, is the new Cirque du L’・toile series which was previewed on the Amazon listing! Only the OP has been shown so far, and only in red. As far as OPs go, it’s pretty fabulous though! Check out those tasseled shoulder boards, and the tassel trim on the bottom! I’m already head over heels for this print. The horses! The circus theme! The tartan and rosettes and crests! Be still my beating heart!

What else is on the way? Well, here is a sneak preview of the photos that will be in the Autumn 2016 collection mook! We know the top photo with the black x white checkerboard is the cover photo, and that it’s Cirque du L’・toile. So, we can assume that the first photo in the bottom row is also Cirque du L’・toile as the print looks the same (actually, I think it’s the same exact model in the same outfit)


So, what do you think? Is Cirque du L’・toile on your wishlist? I know it’s going on mine!

*note* The image below has been photoshopped extensively to make it a repeating background and may not be representative of the actual print.

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