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Lolita Fashion History

Identifying Replicas

Thank you for attending my 2016 Rufflecon panel!

The presentation slides are available via google docs:




Lolibrary – Lolibrary is an archive of current and past lolita items, and is a great resource when trying to identify an item.

What is that Dress – A facebook group for identifying lolita items.

Brand Tags – A reference of brand tags

Milanoo Clones 

Known replica shops:

Oo Jia / JJLolita
Tell-tale signs: faded fabric, weird patterning

Tell-tale signs: Cheap lace  ?

DOL / Dream Of Lolita
Tell-Tale signs: low quality fabric

RTBU / Refuse to Be Usual
Low Quality

LingLam / Little Chilli Shop
Low Quality

Swiss Blue Bird Shop
No “real” brand tag

1/2 Cup Milk Shop
No “real” brand tag

Major Re-sellers: