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List of Statements About Xinjiang Cotton

So, for some background on the posts in support of XinJiang cotton, some of them are just this hashtag ​​​​which is support XinJiang Cotton. Others are the hashtag plus a short message, or explaining which items they sell use this cotton.

Some of them also include an image of a blanket, and these are usually give always where they are going to give a free blanket made of the cotton to a follower. I’ve added a link to “contest details” to help identify the posts where they are not only endorsing XinJiang cotton, but also using it as a promotional opportunity for the brand.

Others are Anti-Nike, because Nike is one of the companies that posted a statement saying they do not and will not source cotton from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) due to reports of forced labor. Because of this, companies like Nike and H&M are facing backlash on Chinese social media.

Lastly, there are also some which show regional food and suggest eating those foods in support? This is a common thread in some of the longer messages as well.

This list was built primarily from Loki’s list with some supplement from comments on discord, and is presented for so people can see exactly what was being posted by these particular sources. I’ve roughly alphabetized them by the English translation of the name.

This is currently a work in progress.

Pro Xinjiang Cotton

Bacio Bouquet

Berry Q (2)


Broccoli (2)

Cat and Bellflower (猫与风铃草) (2) (3) (contest details)

Confession Balloon (告白气球家) (2) (contest details)

Custard Citrus Cat (奶油橘喵酱shop)

Deer Immortal (鹿大仙原创设)

DF Treasure Box (余大富的百宝箱) (contest details)

Dream Doll

Fuyuuneko (浮游猫)

Flower Banquet

Girl’s Heart (少女心球原创)

Girl’s Personal Room (少女藏馆原创设计) (2)

Hidden Flower Bell (掩花铃)

Ichigo Mikou/Strawberry Witch



KumaTheLamb (KTL原创设计)

Le Panier


Lotus Fragrance Thread (莲香缘)

Michiko Cat (2)

Miracles Lolita (Contest details)

Morning Glory

NanNan Special

Neverland Lolita/Soufflesong


Nuit De Cellophane (NDC_玻璃纸之夜) , Summer Fairy (仲夏物语原创设计) and Larmes d’Anges (LdA天使之泪) (2) (Blanket Giveaway Details)

Pisces Dream (Pisces Dream鲤梦)

Precious Clove


PousseCafe 普斯咖啡lolita

Pumpkin Cat

Rabbit Designs (兔兔子原创)


Sheep Puff Lolita

 SilverMoon (silver moon银耀之月)

Southern Bamboo  (南笙阁原创Lolita)

StarsCrown (星辰皇冠lolita)

Storyteller (物语者原创洋装设计)

Sugar Story (砂糖物语lolita)

Ten Miles of Red and Blue/Imagine and Spectacle (十里丹青)

TuYe (双马尾的兔爷)

Unicorn Wings (独角兽之翼Lolita洋装 and UnicornWings原创Lolita) (2) (Contest Details)

Unruly Unruly (不轨不轨 中华风lolita)

VisibleMilkyWay (銀河有跡可循)

WeiteAnni (维特安妮设)

Whale Fall

Yuansu Designs ( 呦芊 原素洋装设计)

Against Xinjiang Cotton

Loki Doki Doki Shopping Service