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There has been a lot of speculation recently about why a lot of lolita fashion groups, documents and posts suddenly went missing.
From what I can tell, it has to do with links to the old lolita fashion information site, HelloLace.
As of July 6th, HL’s domain name (the url) changed hands. Sometime between then and now a redirect was put in place which takes you to a site that will give you a virus (and plays loud noises and puts up a scare message).

All posts that link to HL seem to have been deleted from FB. Trying to post a link to HL gives you an error.

Trying to post a link to one of the missing local communities also gives an error, saying that you can not link to HL.

It’s not the community names; many of the missing communities did not contain “lolita” in the name. It also seems to be ok if you had posts that linked to HL; Lolita Sales in English is fine, though posts linking to HL are gone.

My best guess at this point is that the descriptions of those groups contained links to HL, triggering FB to block the groups.

Please do not try to visit HL, and remove any links you have posted to it, if they are not already gone.

Missing in the 2016 FB Purge

Brisbane Rufflebutts
Edmonton Lolita  (False positive; they switched groups) 
~*♥ Lolita Ottawa♥*~ (False positive, they changed names)
El Salvador Lolita Society
Iceland Fluff it like a puffin
Romania The Queen Bee Society
South Africa Lolita Fashion SA

USA Alaska The Frozen Lolita Club
USA California SoCal Lolitas
USA California San Diego SD Lolitas
USA Colorado Springs Lolitas
USA South Florida Lolitas
USA Western Massachusetts Lolita
USA: New York Albany and Capital Region NY Lolitas:
USA Texas Dallas Metroplex Lolitas
USA West Virginia WV EGL
USA North Carolina NorthCarolitas
Different error, actually missing, not blocked:

Also missing: Rufflechat Rules (linked Hello Lace)
Any post in lolita Sales in English that linked to Hello Lace

When you search for posts containing links to Hello Lace:


When you try to link to a group that is blocked:



Current info for Hello Lace: