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Chinese Indie Brand Tags

There are significantly more Chinese indie brands than there are Japanese brands, and as with any fashion it’s common to see new indie designers come and go rather frequently. This, combined with the fact that a lot of western lolita don’t read Chinese and the fact that the writing on tags is often small and/or stylized, and the fact that some brands use different names on social / sales platforms versus their tags, makes it particularly hard for many western lolita to identify which brand made an item.

This is a crowd sourced guide, so please understand that there may be some inaccuracies. The full submissions notes can be viewed in the original document, for brevity, some of this information is not reproduced here.

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Cynthia V

Dark Star Island


sheer items may not contain any interior tag. Items frequently have a plastic anti-theft / authenticity tag. It is safe to cut this plastic tag off (it’s not an ink tag, it helps prevent people from wearing and returning items, or returning fake items)

Dear Celine

Frozen Memory

Hikari / Hikari Lolita






Tag reads 三 叶 亭 with “TM” after it

Rabbit Wine


Tag reads “Style” with a tulip and swirls

Sakya Lolita


Tag appears to read Sands Of Time (or Sands of Lime). When the tag is folded ion photos it may look as if it says Sands Time or Sands Lime


Tag appears to read sennvxiangquhaibian

Sweet Angel

[image pending]

Ready-made items sold by Dream of Lolita

Zhi Jin Yuan

makes inexpensive crop / stretch blouses and other basics which are sold by lots of shops including souffle song.