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Lolita Fashion History

Pink House Tag Guide

Work in Progress, spreadsheet is available.

Vintage 1990s tags

All white brand tag

1990 Spring (Watermelon Print)

1992 Spring, 1992/1993 Fall & Winter

Item number is above the seam and almost seems stamped on. Satin texture.

1995 Fall

1996 Autumn, 1996 Winter

Clearly a printed tag, plastic texture

Also see:

Unknown so far…

More Modern Tags

Request for More Information

If you have a vintage PH garment and would like me to help you identify it, let me know in the comments, or you can post in the identification channel of the lolibrary discord. I have pretty much all of the catalogs from ’92-2001 (and a handful outside that range). They are just larger than my scanner, I’m working on it…