Dealing with Smokey Lolita Clothing

02A while back, I bought this listing for an Innocent World Rose Trump One Piece from Winter 2006 on Mbok. I usually read the item descriptions, but don’t always read the personal profiles of the sellers. In this case, that was a BIG mistake because I missed this “家族に喫煙者あり、室内犬います”, (Smoking household, with a dog). 

Thankfully, I only paid 8,000円 (~$66 USD) for it, before shopping service payments and shipping.

The dress came in and the collar is yellowed badly, as are the sleeves and it reeeeks of cigarette smoke. Thankfully, it was sealed up well in the bag my SS put it in, so the smell didn’t get on other things.

But that leaves me with a problem. I have a smelly, stained dress. So, first things first, I checked the washing label. The dress is a corduroy and says do not wash. I know from experience that Innocent World is overly cautious about recommending dry cleaning, and I got this pretty cheaply, so I decided to wash it anyways. I first removed the waist ties and detachable sleeves. Then I cut two buttons which were loose all the way off. I’ll resew them later, but I didn’t want them to fall off in the machine. I wet the very tippy end of a waist tie with cold water and blotted on a paper towel. When that “passed” without running I filled the washing machine with cold water and detergent and dipped a waist tie in completely. Then I blotted it with a paper towel. Still no running. So, I put the dress, waist ties and detachable sleeves in the washing machine along with some color catcher sheets and washed it in cold/cold on gentle.

After it came out, I smelled it. The smell was pretty much gone, but the stains remained. I hung the dress to dry to deal with later.

In the past, I’ve done the same thing with velveteen skirts from Cornet. In that case, the skirts were already damaged and had been so cheap that the risk of ruining them outweighed the benefit of making them clean again. In that case, I first handwashed the skirts, rinsing them each out in the shower for a good 15 minutes in cold water. They smelled still, so I put them through the washing machine twice, then aired them out outside.

In both of these cases, I took a risk in washing a specialty fabric myself. If it was a significantly more valuable dress, I would not have taken the same risk. I would instead have brought the pieces to a dry cleaner. However, in both cases, washing the garment alone removed the scent (though not the discoloration).

For the innocent world OP, the discoloration is mainly on the collar portion of the dress, so, I’m considering removing the collar and replacing it with a new collar made of the same type of material in the same pattern. I’ve tried pretty much everything else I can think of (baking soda, soaking, etc), and the yellowing just won’t budge.

Have you ever gotten a piece with smoke damage before in the mail, particularly staining / yellowing? Were you able to fix it? Let me know in the comments!