Lolita Blog Carnival : Plans Derailed! 5 Things In My Wardrobe That Just Didn’t Work

When I was new to lolita, I was the worst at impulse buying things just because they were cheap. Over the years, I got better, but I still have had some rather unfortunate pieces. This week, in connection with the Lolita Blog Carnival, here are five things that seemed like great ideas at the time, but in reality were horrible.

1. This coord, which involved a sax twintail wig and a bodyline underskirt

wig02 016I was convinced that this AP JSK would look super cute paired with sax. I put my sax purse with it in my closet, and I loved it. So, I decided I needed a sax wig and a sax underskirt.

Ok, so, for the record, I look terrible in sax, it just doesn’t flatter me at all, and this wig was no exception. It was some cheap, cosplay wig from ebay and it is probably the worst wig I’ve ever put on my body willingly.

I only have some old blurry mirror shots of me trying this on; I never actually wore it, thankfully.

The bodyline skirt that I bought to use as an underskirt looked ridiculous too, so I sold it off. The wig was donated to a friend to chop up for runway, but even she didn’t want it.

2. Metamorphose Rose Gold Boots

meta What matches rose gold metallic meta boots? Nothing. That’s what. They don’t match dolly cat, or day dream carnival or anything that it would make sense to pair them with.

They also make my ankles look fat, and my ankles not being fat is like one of the only things I’ve got going for me.

But I can’t bear to let them go, so they sit in my closet and I hope that someday, somehow, I’ll figure out how to coord them. Thankfully, I got them new on auction for a song  (I only paid 4,300 Yen for them), so it’s not the most expensive mistake…

I’ll probably just have to buy a whole bunch of metallic rose gold stuff, honestly…

3. This Old School mystery vest from Metamorphose

meta I love this vest in theory, but in practice, it never looks quite right. Even when I get something I think looks ok, my SO fusses at me that it looks off. Someday, I’ll find a way to coordinate it.

Until then, I’ll continue to make coordinates with it on the dressform. What my SO doesn’t have to see, won’t hurt, right?


4. This cutsew vest from Metamorphose

1218880_21116_0 I love this vest in theory, but in reality, I want my vests to have structure. This cutsew one just sort of smooshes around in the worst way. It combines the worst of a button up blouse, a cutsew and unwanted layers into something generally unflattering.

I’m stupidly still convinced I’m going to find a way to make it work. At least I only paid about 5,460 Yen for it; I didn’t buy it new or anything, so it’s not hurting me too much to hold onto it.

Maybe one day I’ll find a way to wear it successfully….

5. Angelic Pretty’s Holy Corset Cutsew

e1bfe24f-c3e6-5b6f-bddd-ce9bf270270d I was certain this was going to look great under my star night theater JSK, but the red part was totally the wrong shape and looked really weird layered with the JSK, the collar wasn’t right and the stripe was way too chunky.

It’s a cool idea, and a cool cutsew, but it was way too goth for anything I was ever going to do, so I ended up selling it off without ever wearing it. Hopefully the new owner found a way to rock it like it deserves!

Bonus: Every pair of navy/blue shoes I own.

I keep trying to buy blue shoes, but not a single pair of shoes I have bought has ever matched anything in my wardrobe correctly. Not. One. Pair. I have a pair of boots the same color as the center pair of an*tai*na sweet shoes as well. The sweet shoes were supposed to be royal and the boots were supposed to be black. They are a weird blue green that almost matches the Charles Crown OP by Innocent World, but not really. The vivienne westwood x melissa ones are too green as well. The florals match literally nothing. The mary jane heels are the best pair here and even they don’t really match well because they are too desaturated. Blue shoes are hard.


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Lolita Blog Carnival : 5 Underused Print Ideas

This week’s topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival is 5 underused print ideas. A lot of the motifs in lolita are pretty common, and it’s actually rather hard to come up with anything fairly universal that hasn’t already been done. However, here are five things I think are really under-done!


1. Dragons

Unicorns and mermaids pop up now and then, and even faeries pop up sometimes, but dragons are almost unheard of in lolita prints. Pumpkin Cat, a Chinese indie brand released a print with cartoon styled dragons that look inspired by the dragons of “How to Train Your Dragon”. Beyond that, Infanta, Strawberry Witch and R-series put out prints with traditional Chinese dragon imagery, but the only Japanese brand print that I know of with any sort of dragon is Juliette et Justine’s le premier cri de prophete, and that’s a screen print. For how popular fantasy is and has been the last decade or so, it’s astounding to me that we haven’t had a single print that features a full color, fantasy book cover style, western dragon. Granted, dragons are difficult to draw, and there are definitely people who specialize in drawing them for things like book covers and trading cards (in fact the rarity of dragon images that aren’t directly from a handful of artists on deviant art is why I’m using a very old image from Marco Polo’s the book of wonders) but I would think some one out there would have paid someone to draw some dragons for a print by now!


2. Sailor Moon (And Other Classic Magical Girls)

There is a huge overlap between girls who like OTT sweet lolita and girls who like magical girl anime. Sailor Moon has been partnering with all sorts of companies to make sailor moon themed and printed clothing, but not a single lolita brand has partnered with sailor moon. Baby made a card captor sakura collaboration OP, but it was literally just a replica of a dress from the series, not a print. I’d love to see something like a clow card print, or a sailor moon print that showed things like the cats, magical objects, and roses etc in the style of one of the sweet brand’s normal art style. There have been some unlicensed fan things from indie brands, but nothing really good and solid that was done through the correct legal channels.


3. Oranges (And Other Non-lemon Citrus Fruits)

Lemons aren’t super common, but they at least show up periodically. However, how many prints can you think of that feature oranges, limes or grapefruits? Granted, the orange / yellow / green / pink pallet of citrus fruits does limit what colors you can make a base dress, and they aren’t overly popular colors, but they are super fun for summer!


4. Penguins (And Other Snowy Creatures)

The only print I can think off of hand with penguins is this one by Haenuli. If you ask one hundred 3rd grade girls their favorite animal, you are going to get a fair number answering penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes and/or seals. Sanrio has Tuxedo Sam, and lisa frank has a handful of colorful polar bear, seal and penguin characters. Making these fluffy, snow dwelling animals look cute isn’t hard, and they would make for great winter prints!

old map of europe

5. Motifs Of European Countries that aren’t France or England

French and English royal motifs, french tri-color motifs, and french food show up all the time, and Russia shows up from time to time but other countries from Europe rarely make an appearance. There are all sorts of interesting historic motifs that could be pulled from many other countries in Europe.


Angelic Pretty In Paris Photo Book & S/S 2017 Sneak Previews


Angelic pretty has announce a new E-Mook, Angelic Pretty in Paris Photobook. It will come out on May 29th, 2017 and features the model Risa on the cover. It’s ¥ 1,814 (~$16.32 USD) on Amazon Japan and they ship internationally at a pretty cheap rate as far as book shipping goes! If you have never used Amazon Japan before, you will need to make an account first; your US (or other home country) amazon account will not work for Amazon Japan.

On a positive note though, Amazon Japan gives you points when you shop that you can later turn in for a discount! It’s only like 1% back, but if you buy a lot of books / magazines it adds up over time.


While the price is a little high for the book alone, it’s an absolute steal when you factor in that it comes with a small purse! Keep in mind that the bag will not be the same quality as a normal Angelic Pretty Bag. You can expect something on par with what you might get at a store like Claire’s. It’s also very small. For comparison, an iphone 6 Plus is 15.82cm and a Samsun Gallaxy S7 is 14.24cm… so it’s really just barely bigger than a smart phone and less than an inch thick! This is definitely just meant to hold a credit card / ID or two, your phone and a lip gloss!  It’s awfully cute though and it’s quite detailed for the price. It’s also a big step up from the eco totes that often come with these books.

Letter Pochette
Vertical: approximately 13.5 cm
Horizontal: about 16.5 cm
Depth: about 2.5 cm
 Strap: about 120 cm


The cover of the book is also our first look at a new Angelic Pretty print, which seems to feature carousel horses.

This particular image is of a short sleeve OP with lace and bows at the neck, and it has waist ties, and a large black bow at the front of the waist. If AP holds to tradition, the other colorways will likely be pastel.

Hopefully, we will get some better photos in the near future; I know Amazon tends to have very large, high resolution book covers… But for now, here is a terrible blown up image…



We definitely have carousel horses, and trumps. It looks like there are large white or pastel trumps around them, and in front of each one (Club, heart, spade, diamond), we have a carousel horse that appears to have pink and sax detailing. This is on a solid colored base that has chains of medium trumps with bows and then thinner stripes of solid white and what appears to be a diamond patterned stripe flanking that. The base color here is black, but there is enough subtle variation on the “white” to indicate that the print has multiple pastel shades in it.


AP Candy, of Tokyo shop has given us a preview of another new print. The phrase “Berry Biscuits” is scattered around the print, so that could be a clue as to the name.  It features cookie windows, plush animals sitting on icing, and strawberries. If you are into AP’s children’s room thematic prints, then this looks like it’s headed firmly in that direction. Personally, I think I’ll pass on this one. I’m more into retro 80’s/90’s toy cute than baby nursery wall paper cute, but the cat is pretty great. Maybe we will see more of it in accessories or other prints? There is pretty much no cut information on this one, but we have two colors: mint and what is looks like either a very cool pink, or a warm lavender and it definitely features rickrack and custom lace.


Update! Apparently Angelic Pretty Shanghai shared a picture of this from the Shnghai Tea Party Fashion Show on the Angelic Pretty Shanghai weibo account!

It looks like this girl is wearing a JSK with a short sleeved blouse, a bunny ear headband with a small mint bow and a plush rabbit on the side of her head (maybe a keychain that they pinned on?)

She also appears to be wearing matching print tights.




ap-004The same group photo also seems to have what looks like it might be a chocolate print hiding in the back.

I’m getting some Antique Chocolatier vibes from this with it’s muted medium color scheme. Hope it’s a bit better than  Antique Chocolatier; that print fell a little flat, if I remember correctly. Anyway, we seem to have a collared OP (with 3/4 sleeves?) and a cute little bow knot headbow.




And of course, we are still waiting on dreamy parfait! So far we have seen a yukata set, but the main print release has been stubbornly on hold, despite it showing up in numerous fashions shows, being teased by AP candy on social media and even showing up in multiple magazines.

What are you waiting for, AP?

I really like the textured fabric they used for this, and it’s one print that I’m super excited for this season. Hope to see it soon!


What do you think? Excited about either of these summer prints?