Innocent World Happy Pack C!

Innocent World has lucky packs each winter called “Happy Packs”. This year they had three options, A (30,000 Yen), B (50,000 Yen) and C (80,000 Yen). With the exchange rate being so good, I decided to get the 80,000 Yen pack.

151005-m-01-dl Innocent World Lucky Pack Happy Pack 2015

The pack was advertised with a preview image, and then there were also two images of items made specifically for this release; a Pietro Angel Underbust JSK and a Grazia Crown JSK. I noticed that the preview image looked a little light on items, but decided to order anyways because I was hopeful about getting the Grazia Crown JSK.


It came in a huge box, which my two month old kitten, Mia was happy to sit on for scale. Inside was the following:

Sailor Long OP

Sailor Long OP – Black [L]


Pietro Angel Corset JSK (LP 2015) – Blue

Antique Doll OP (Ariel)

Antique Doll OP (Ariel) – Black [L]

 Antique Doll Hat (Ariel)

Blouse 144107 – Cream [M]


OTK Socks – Beige x Wine


Bow Clip – Beige x Milk Tea

The estimated value of all of the items is about 217,130 Yen, making the items about 60-65% off. This is actually a much worse deal than usual (70-80% off). I suspect that they calculated it with the Pierto Angel Corset JSK at full price, considering it wasn’t a sale item or they adjusted their prices to match the bad exchange rate. I did notice I got almost exactly what was in the photo!

Overall, I’m fairly happy with many of the items, though, I do think their outlet packs a better value. Wish I’d gotten that blue Grazia Crown JSK they showed in the preview; if anyone did and wants to sell it or trade for anything I got, just let me know!

I took a silly little cellphone video (there is a mistake in it; I called the Pulip Collab OP a Rozen Maiden Cosplay Collab), and posted it to Facebook if you want to watch:

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