Review: Their Story by HaeNuLi Shin

HaeNuLi Shin is best known in the lolita world for her self-titled lolita fashion brand, Haenuli. I first learned abut Haenuli’s fashion brand at a lolita convention in Georgia called “Frill”. It was the first year of the convention, which was pretty small, and so it was held in like a club house type building, and there was room which had been transformed into a little shop. And when you went in the entrance near the front door, there were a few tables and then there was this mannequin, and on the mannequin was a sample of Haenuli’s sleeping beauty print in black. And, I remember, I asked to buy it and was told it wasn’t for sale yet. I ended up buying it in two colors and I’ve been following her brand ever since.

Recently, she published an artbook called Their Story.

Their Story: The Story You Don't Know Haenuli comic

Their Story follows two main characters; a girl and a skeleton. Both figures are symbolic; the girl can be interpreted as the reader, or an embodiment of human emotion, of life, or as a girl friend in a couple. The skeleton can be interpreted as depression or death, or a boyfriend / ex-boyfriend, friend or lost love, or as the hard-to-describe feeling of safety and familiarity that lurks under the surface of depression. The story resonates on a deeply personal level, and I think it’s one of those things where it can really be interpreted in many different ways. Make no mistake though; it is not a light story. It has a weight to it.

For those who have been following the facebook photo posts, I can say it’s a little different; it’s not just a series of single images, the actual book (Their Story: The Story You Don’t Know) has a plot and a momentum to it. It’s a cyclical story, and it’s one of those books that really leaves you with an almost tactile feeling of needing to sit, and think on the depth and meaning of the story for a bit after reading it.

I strongly recommend reading it at least twice, as an additional layer of understanding is added to the story the second time around.

The hard cover comes with a full color cover and dust jacket with holographic printing for the title. The pages are thick, and there are a couple velum pages as well which give a unique movement and interaction to the book.

Today doodle : Reason why Death hide every books "A Game of thrones" #doodle

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The free lavender colored book that comes with it, which is similar titled “Their Story: Story You Don’t Know”, is soft cover and staple bound. It’s a total of 12 pages long, also on thick quality paper. This mini-book is much more lighthearted, and casts “them” (the skeleton) more firmly as death. It includes things like the above exchange where the girl asks Them about the deaths in Romeo and Juliette, to which Them is forced to reply that it’s not really their fault; it’s Shakespear’s! It’s a delightful splash of fun after the more serious tone of the main book, and makes for a lovely bonus.

The book is sold out in hardcover, but there is a softcover version that is still available, along with prints and teeshirts. You can get them from Haenuli Shop.

sc print shirt

Sweet Mildred Lucky Pack Opening

I purchased a “Small Accessory Luckpack” from sweet mildred on Etsy as part of her Small Business Saturday Sale. Each pack contained a zipper pouch, and some accessories, and hey were super affordable at only $20 each. You could opt to get one with or without pierced earrings. I selected the “With earrings” option, and here is what I got.

Sweet Mildred

The necklace is silver tone with pearls, and features a key and some beautiful flowers. The motifs are common and universal, so this will be something I can pair with a lot of different options. It’s well constructed, the clasp and charms have some weight to them, and the beads are nice. All in all it’s a solid piece that is worth the price I paid all on it’s own.


Next we have a wooden pin of a playing card with a really fancy lady on it, who I think might be Marie Antoinette, but I’m really bad at this sort of thing so… it’s at least that time period? It’s got great colors and I love the detailing in the image. It has a pin back and seems quite sturdy.


Next we have a pair of earrings with an Alice in Wonderland motif; they feature a rabbit in card suit heraldry blowing on a trumpet. They are brass tone, and on hooks with a little pearl bead on each. Again, they have a nice weight to them and seem to use good quality materials.


Next, we have a little ring with a glittering pink strawberry on a white filigree base. I love when people use these painted ring bases because I have a lot of metal allergies, and they don’t bother me. The earrings I’ll just paint with nail polish; I do that with even some of the gold or silver ones I buy depending on the makeup.


Lastly, we have the pouch. Mine is a black fabric with cats on it on the outside and it’s lined in black x white polka dots. I’ve turned the corner over so you can see it here. There is a black zipper as well. It’s well made and sturdy with a good thickness to it. It would make a great travel pouch for accessories.

Value-wise, it’s an exceptional deal. The necklace retails at $25, from what I remember, similar rings to this sell for $5, earrings are $10, pins are at least $5. So even before we add in the pouch, we have at least $45 worth of accessories. All in all, I’m really happy with what I got, and would definitely recommend similar lucky packs from Sweet Mildred in the future.

Peppermint Fox Pin Review: Positive!

Peppermint Fox is an Otome brand based out of Australia which makes clothing and absolutely darling little pins. I ordered a couple pins from them a while back, and bought another at the Palace of Princes Nightfall event, and have really enjoyed them.

So when they said they were re-releasing their tiny companions series (which is the series the pins I have are from), I jumped at the chance to pick up some more of their darling little animals. The older pins have a layer of clear resin on the top of the image, however, due to a health concern over the artists handling the resin, they switched to a clear sealant instead. Both the older and newer pins are wooden with a nice thickness to them.

I ordered six of the tiny companions from the last hurrah re-release, and later I put in a separate order for the Beloved Bookshelf from their library series.


The pins came in a small bubble mailer, which arrived in great shape, given that it came from Australia to the US!


The pins came separated into pairs in little celo bags, with an extra pin back button tucked in with Thompson and Klaus, and a little mini print.


And here are all six of these cuties out of the packaging! The surface of their older pins was a glass-like smoothness that was raised off of the image a bit because of the resin coat. These have a more textured brush-stroke or faint wood-grain like surface, which I actually really like because it seems to fit really well with the sketch-like aesthetic of the art. The coating is less dimensional as well, so it feels like the art is right there on the surface instead of a layer down.


Here are the backs, you can see how dimensional the pins are, and the rich dark color of the wood on the back ad sides. This gives the pins a nice sense of an outline when you look at them in person.

backsHere is the cute little mini print of the Crown Fox and the button. (The crown fox is one of the older pins I have and one of my favorites so I’m super happy to have him!)

fox button

The  Beloved Bookshelf pin actually came two days before the tiny companions, and since it was ordered alone it shipped separately (I didn’t even try to contact them about combining shipping as I was unsure when they would all ship). It was packed in small bubble envelope, which contained the pin in a little celo bag, and a postcard.


Here is the front of the cute post card, and the pin all packaged up.


The pin is a little bit darker than the stock photo, but it doesn’t really bother me. I assume it has to do with the printing and sealing processes.
All in all, the quality is very high, the packaging was well done. Everything arrived in great shape; no nicks, scratches, dents, cracks, or anything else on the product. The freebies are a little bent from the pins, but they were freebies and frankly, I feel like that just goes to show how durable the pins are. Out of the seven I ordered, six have remarkably accurate colors compared to the stock photos, and the one which is a little off, actually matches more things in my closet with it being a little darker, so I’m quite happy with it.
p.s. If you get anything in this type of mailer, tear the mailer, don’t try to pull the glued part open. And if you do pull the glued part open, absolutely don’t let your cat rub it’s head on it. It will stick making your cat a derpy unicorn and you will have to use cat shampoo to remove it from your sad cat.