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Lolita Fashion History

Brand Tags

This is a work in progress

Update -August 10th, 2019 – I stumbled upon this guide that is much more complete than mine is for older tags:

Angelic Pretty

Garment Tags



(see: as well)


  • Strawberry-chan shirring OP (2002)


  • A bolero that I can’t identify. I think it goes here.


  • Sleeping Princess (2004)
  • Cutie Dot OP GLB issue 13 (2004)
  • Princess Rose Canotier (2007)
  • Heart Pouchette
  • Lace JSK


  • 2008 Spring Catalog- 2009 Spring Catalog
  • Fruits parlor (2008)
  • Pastel a la mode (2006)
  • Miracle candy
  • polka dot pony applique (2008)
  • Blouses from 2006-2008

ap-bow-tag-pink bow-tag-purple

  • 2009 Autumn Catalog – Spring 2011 Catalog (all visible tags are pink)
  • Day Dream Carnival (2013, lavender)
  • Dot Pleats Sailor JSK (2009)
  • Fancy Bustier and Skirt Set (2010)

Paper Tags

something is better than nothing right? I’ll replace this with better images later this is just what I had in my google photos from other stuff.

[Better Photo Pending ]


Crown Tag – Older AP tag. ??? – May 2006 (+/- a small amount of time for using up left overs / production being out of schedule) Features a more peach-shade of pink with a crown in the middle and some sort of border design in brownish ink. Was used on necklaces summer 2006. Appears to be on this rectangle headdress in 2006 as well. It’s also visible on this bag or dress, down near the bottom of the bag, and on this umbrella. You can see a tiny bit hiding in this may 2007 photo.

In use April 2006 [Source] [ Source] [Source]


Accessories, circa early 2006 [source]

May 2007 – 2013?

Mid-era tag. There are multiple versions of this tag. A smaller one for accessories, a bigger one for clothing. The bottom gets ripped off when the item is sold. It’s visible in this May 2007 necklace post and this may 2007 headbow post. Also this Sept 2009 sweater which already has the single bow inside tag, still has the multi bow paper tag.

  • 132J5-2792☆French Dollローウエストジャンパースカート (2013) uses this big version of this tag
  • 122J4-2691☆小鳥たちのシンフォニアジャンパースカート (2012) uses the big version of this tag
  • 92J10-2462♪ Star Night Teaterベアジャンパースカート (2009) uses the big version of this tag


Modern AP paper tag. There are smaller ones for accessories and bigger ones for dresses. The back should have the item name and price on it, as well as item number for things other than special sets. Lucky packs / sets will sometimes have 1 tag on the bag, sometimes in a way that you can’t open it without removing the tag. When AP shops sell items, they rip the bottom part of the tag off and the shop keeps it. An item should not have the bottom part ripped off until after it’s sold, so if someone is selling AP as a licensed shop, their items should have the bottom part of the tag still attached. If it’s detached already, it indicates someone reselling privately or that the item was returned.

Purple tag, purple thread. Pink tag, pink thread.
Purple paper tag = purple inside tag.
Pink paper tag = pink inside tag.

Oldest smallest size tag that I have is from ブリティッシュリボンリング from 2012.  The oldest medium size tag dates to 2013. The oldest large tag I have dates to 2014, but I think I’ve just misplaced the rest?

Special tags:

467428245.3 467352431.3

Shopping Bags


  • 1998 – ??? (from kera street snap)


Stripped insole with a heart matching the shoe color.

  • Tea party Shoes, 2006 [ Source]

Harlequin print matching the shoe color

  • Petit Crown Shoes, 2006 [Source]

  • 3 Ribbon Strap Shoes, November 2006
  • enamel romantic shoes, November 2006 [Source]


  • Girly Ribbon Shoes



  • Toy Parade Knee socks – 2007
  • Sweet Jam – 2009
  • Strawberry Parlor – 2012

Baby The Stars Shine Bright


  • 2005

Alice and the Pirates Tag


AatP “Men’s” cut indicator tag



(Timeline all unknown)


?? – 2000 – 2001 – ??


This might be pretty old, swiped from

tag-block2 tag-block3

Skirt, 2009 and another from 2011

tag-swan tag-swan2 tag-swan3

Swan tags, I believe these are modern

Confirmed 2009-2013

Paper Tags

Metamorphose Crown Label paper tag

Crown label paper tag on a strawberry necklace from a 2010-ish era lucky pack, need to confirm date when lolibrary is up.

The biggest sized swan tags come on card stock and lighter glossy paper




From My Tart

Paper Tags

from My Tart


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