Angelic Pretty Spring 2017 Line!

Angelic Pretty had their winter tea party last night, and snaps are already surfacing that hint at their new pieces for spring. Here is a rundown of what I’ve found so far!


Angelic Pretty Ombre Misty Sky 2017 Angelic Pretty Ombre Misty Sky 201715192528_1845421015695067_4694753704924867348_n

Misty Sky 

2 ombre colors of misty sky are being sold to tea party attendees on a make to order basis.

[source] [source] [source]


carriages ott2 ott2b main2 bk01 tit_about czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Brilliant Princess Story Dress Set

This dress has horses pulling what looks like an royal carriage. It also has flowers or snow? And some sort of circle with a flower type motif? I’m pretty sure this is the print that they used for all the party branding.

~ Take a white horse carriage and go to the ball ~
¥ 469,800 (tax included)
Dark blue
Set contents 2 pieces: Headdress and Dress

Reservation acceptance period – Tokyo Shop Only
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)

Secret Rose Princess

ott  czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Sucre Rose Princess Dress Set

A very OTT OP. The main fabric has a 4-petal flower texture.

~ Sweet dreams of Princess like sugar confectionery ~
¥ 297,000 (tax included)
Set contents 3 pieces bonnet, choker, dress

Reservation acceptance period (Tokyo Shop Only)
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)

Angelic Pretty Lady Cocoa

poodles cyfjs61ukaekhwn czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Lady Cocoa Dress Set

This print features poodles in hatboxes, bows, cameos with crowns in them, hearts, crowns and chandeliers

~ Mademoisel in love with Paris ~
¥ 183,600 (tax included)
Color black
Set Contents (2 pieces) Ribbon barrette × 3, dress

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat) 12: 00PM

[source] [source] [source]


stripe czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Dolly Cappuccino Dress Set
~ The scent of bittersweet cappuccino drifts Tea Time ~
¥ 205,200 (tax included)
Set contents (3 pieces):
Ribbon Barrette × 2

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat)12: 00PM



cyfjs61ukaekhwn czj-4ndukaaf1e2-1

Lady Milk Dress Set
~ Mademoisel dreaming of Paris ~
¥ 172,800 (tax included)

Set contents (2 pieces):
Ribbon Barrette ×3

Reservation acceptance period
12/10 (Sat) – 1/15 (Sun)
Online Shop is 12/10 (Sat)12: 00PM


Something in red and black?



barbie 15258782_1868403120055830_1354259980781355008_n

Prism Princess Dress Set
~ Fantasy dress interwoven with light ~
¥ 221,400 (tax included)
Color: Ivory
Set Contents: Ribbon clip × 4, OP

An elaborate pink and lavender OP. The main fabric appears to be a rose brocade.

[Source] [Source]


~ An angel who flew to the stage ~
¥ 162,000 (tax included)
Color: White × Pink
Set Contents: ribbon clip × 3, feather head dress 1 pair, dress, 4 sleeves set sleeve Set


Dreamy Perfume Dress Set (top left)
~ Dressed with a little admiration ~
¥ 297,000 (tax included)
Color: Lavender
Set contents: 4 points of long veil, headband, choker, dress Set



Queen Rose Princess Dress Set
~ The garden loved by the Queen ~
¥ 243,000 (tax included)
Color: mint
Set contents: choker, dress


Rinrin in some sort of lace OP

[Source] [source]



Something that matches a tricolor bow? They accessorized with french bread, so I’m saying probably something similar in concept to french cafe?



cyfjxtoucaab4mn  cyhkq4xxeauwipv cyhkn7mxuaab1av

Some sort of school look?

[Source] [Source] [Source] [source]


This looks to be a blue based print, probably cherry themed, with cherry applique on the collar. The accessories are tartan.


cybobnuuaaabh_r 15203300_1256833621058689_231049577621399183_n



Update: this is Blue with crowns! And they look like they are the crowns from the navigation on the party page. The OP is pictured has rows of crowns that flip rightside up / upside down, long sleeves, a white collar and a red belt.

[Source] [Source] [Source]

tumblr_ohfkiymr3x1s9hxveo2_1280 cybt0wguaaadhgm
tumblr_ohfkiymr3x1s9hxveo1_1280 cyb0ovnuaaats17 cyb0ovoveaae_a1 cyov-g5ukaa1jwx

Some sort of trump or circus print? There are trump applique on Kimura u’s blouse collar.

[Source] [Source] [Source] [Source] [source]


green cyb-shsuaaexocx15241282_10211083495673771_319849746754117413_n

Imai Kira x Angelic Pretty – Daydreamer Bed

[source] [source] [source] [source]


Strawberries, bunnies, daisies and gingham, perhaps?

“This one is a border print with rabbits (realistic style drawing) and strawberries and the background is gingham.”


small-1 small-2 small-4 small small-3

Some sort of big cherry print on white?


I’m thinking it’s probably a match to the tea set they gave attendees?

tumblr_ohfj8zj9hk1s9hxveo1_540 tumblr_ohfj8zj9hk1s9hxveo2_540




I don’t know what this is, but it looks pretty fabulous…



Some sort of swirly lace print? XD


cybeahsuoaausmw cyg4i8nvqaaulta

I got nothing on this one. Bunnies, or gingham, maybe?

[Source] [Source]





We’ve got a big crown on her head, a blue blouse, a crown on her shoulder. Some sort of red sash, and a white dress?

[Source] [Source]


Looks like there is a pink bow across the front, and it’s got a headdress that is sax or mint with pink?


cye1dzouuaaflox cye1xmqviaahzta

We’ve got a white  collar with a /\ sort of shape in the middle that goes into a red (textured?) stripe. The headbow is tricolor, and the blouse is navy with a stripe bow. Could be a border print or some sort of school print? Probably books or bears in there somewhere given the book bag she’s holding up?



Lolita Wardrobe Survey

A facebook friend posted this Lolita Survey from the Lolita Amino app (which I joined, but I don’t quite understand; I really hate typing on my phone and the idea of writing a blog post on my phone sounds beyond exhausting). Anyway, I thought it would be a fun, albeit light, thing to post.

1) Do you still own the first Lolita item you bought?

The very first lolita items I bought? Yessss… It’s bodyline’s bunny pockets knock off in sax and bodyline’s sax candy print skirt.

2) What is the oldest Lolita piece in your wardrobe?

The oldest is Angelic Pretty’s Strawberry-Chan Shirring OP from 2002. I have this in pink, and it’s surprisingly difficult to coordinate well so I haven’t worn it yet.


The next oldest is a three way tie.I have Innocent World’s Cross Crown Embroidery OP & Cape in black from 2003. If anyone ever sees either of these in wine, let me know!

crown-and-cross-motif-embroidery-op 20120924_7c5e17_0

I also have Mary Magdalene’s Fleur OP from 2003.


3) What is the newest Lolita piece in your wardrobe?

Metamorphose’s Cornelius Swallow Tail Wool Mossa Jacket; it just came in the mail 2 days ago!


4) What is the cheapest main piece in your wardrobe?

One of my Putumayo skirts, I’m sure. This particular one was about $25. Almost all of my pink house was super cheap too; I never spend more than $50 on pink house. It’s mostly around $15-$30 per piece for what I own.


5) What is the most expensive main piece in your wardrobe?

I paid the most for my Star Night Theater Bare JSK in blue. It was new with tags and I bought it in 2013 for 61,504 yen (~$630 USD at the time) before SS fees and shipping. So I probably paid around $650 for it when all was said and done.


My most valuable piece is currently my Elizabeth Bride of the Death JSK II. The other cut of this sells on auction for around 169,000yen (~$1,500 USD), so I guess it’s worth roughly that much o__o;;


6) Which of your Lolita items is your favorite?

I have a little book necklace that was handmade by caro-chan. Inside of it are messages from long-distance friends, so that I can keep them close to my heart even when they are far away. It’s really precious to me.


7) Which item in your Lolita wardrobe do you wear the most?

Lately, I’ve been wearing my cross crown embroidery OP a lot. I also have a headdress from Sweet Mildred that is black x gold x red that I wear with almost everything.


8) Which item do you wear the least?

My skirts, anything that needs a corset to look good. I’m getting old and tired.

9) Is there anything in your Lolita wardrobe that you haven’t worn yet?

Yes, some of them are things I bought but can’t find things to match, some are things I bought a bit ago when I weighed less and they don’t fit now.

10) What is missing from your Lolita wardrobe?

I could use a pair of light brown shoes, I guess? Maybe some royal blue ones.

11) When will your Lolita wardrobe be complete?

I honestly would say that it is. I buy a bit here and there when something new catches my eye, or something very old and rare comes along, but for the most part, I’m happy with what I have. I just replace things as they wear out or buy new releases these days.

12) What was the last Lolita item you sold or threw away?

Innocent World’s Luna Stripe JSK in Green. I had bought it with the intention of wearing it to work, but I never did, and it’s just so much easier to wear non-lolita dresses.

13) How many OPs do you have?

18, I think. Don’t hold me to that…

⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

14) How many JSKs do you have?

59? I think?

⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

15) How many skirts do you have?

28-ish, I think?

⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

16) How many petticoats do you have?

7. 2 from AP, one from classical puppets, 1 from malco modes and 3 from bodyline.

⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫
17) What do you plan to buy next?

I might go for the AatP lucky pack print this year; not sure. I also want the butterfly print from Belladonna and their new bird print as well. And I want this silkscreened dragon print that Moss Badger made forever ago if she re-releases it.

18) When you first started wearing Lolita, what did you want your wardrobe to be like?

LOL, all sax sweet lolita. Like sax main pieces, sax bags, sax shoes. All sax. I just imagined a closet of sax dresses all in a row. I don’t actually look that great in sax… but when I imagine it, I still want that all sax closet. I have to really stop and think about it when buying stuff to keep from buying a lot of sax still. And it’s not because I think I can’t wear whatever I want even if it’s not my best color… it’s more like, when I look in the mirror after putting on something sax, I don’t like the way I look. I like the idea of a sax wardrobe more than the reality.

19) What is your Lolita wardrobe currently like?

Mostly AP and IW, and mostly red and blue. I really like crown and heraldry motifs, books, fruits/candies, circus motifs and carousels. It sounds like a lot, but when it’s spread between ~100 main pieces, there are definite taste trends!

20) What would you like your wardrobe to be like in the future?

I think I’d like to work on organization and storage. I want my actual lolita storage area to look cuter.

Winter 2016-2017 Lucky Pack Round Up!

Luckypack reservations started really early last year, so I’m going to start the list today, even though it’s still November!

Lucky Packs, or “Fukubukuro” (sometimes called “Lucky Bags”, “Happy Bags”, “Happy Packs”, “Happy Sets” or sometimes “Special Sets”) are blind bags of clearance merchandise that you can buy from Japanese stores at the end of the year. It’s believed that keeping old things into the new year is bad luck, so to get rid of all of last year’s clearance that didn’t sell in winter clearance sales, shops will put it in these blind bags and then sell them at a huge discount. It’s a great way to get a lot of brand new stuff for very cheap… as long as you like and fit into pretty much everything a brand makes. Be aware though; you will not get the best selling, most perfect item from the brand of your dreams. If they had a dud item this season, chances are that’s what you are going to get.

It’s become a little like “black friday” in the United States where some stores that don’t have great things to put on sale (maybe they just don’t have a lot of clearance) will often stock a limited number of a specific item just for these sales. In these cases, they usually call them “Special Sets”, instead of “Lucky Packs”. These bags can contain either all items that were made just for these sets, or a mix of special items and clearance. Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty both design new prints for their new years special sets. While Metamorphose is known to use leftover material to make skirts and dresses in simple patterns.

The list got super long last year, so I’m including a quick-jump list. Brands in the quick jump list which do NOT have links, had lucky packs last year, but have not yet posted lucky pack info for this year.

Japanese Brands

ALGONQUINSAlice and The Pirates | Angelic PrettyBaby the Stars Shine Bright | Enchantlic Enchantilly | GrimoireInnocent World |  Listen Flavor | Liz Lisa | Marble | Metamorphose | Midas | Milklim | Pooh-Chan (the cat) | Putumayo | S · D | Swan Kiss | TOXIC STAR | Wrouge

Outside of Japan

Tour New Souls | SouffleSong

Japanese Brands



Alice and The Pirates [source]

Madame Blanche’s Magnificent Store SET –  ¥17,280
☆ SHOP reservation period: 12/9 (Friday) 17 am to 12/12 (month) each store closed at the time
☆ mail order-only shopping cart reservation period: 12/9 (Friday) 17 am to 12/12 (Mon) 11:00

Alice and the Pirates lucky pack 201715203290_858107004291607_7937454462284316329_n15253548_858106964291611_2206827927651748746_n15319210_858106924291615_6387894815773400590_n15241326_858106840958290_2023428933148324604_n15268087_858106830958291_1611224493845680399_n15220174_858106844291623_1551980413995574728_n15171205_858106544291653_6557934566866085073_n15241821_858106450958329_3165325909510798870_n15220179_858106457624995_5322589544107613690_n15327346_858106420958332_7883420562494880811_n15203124_858106417624999_7802437729109215557_n15181571_858106410958333_5570024604164246258_n15181412_858106374291670_1594835954341389389_n15241396_858106364291671_586389126683714309_n15267831_858106367625004_8304850932018551494_n15267987_858106284291679_5313244541246810698_n15241754_858106244291683_7725051237030434375_n

Two colorways have been shown; red and navy blue.

Bust: 84cm-102cm
Waist: 68cm-86cm

Angelic Pretty [Source]

December 1st – Tokyo Shop
December 3rd – All others


Wonder Toy JSK Set -¥17,280 

set01 15203134_10154693336488911_1209915457052771466_n

Contains a blouse, headbow, OTKs and JSK
3 Colors: Pink, Sax, Black

  • Wonder Toy ??? JSK
  • Wonder Toy Blouse
  • Wonder Toy ?? Headbow
  • Wonder Toy OTKs

Wonder Toy Special Set – ¥32,400 

set02 15203134_10154693336488911_1209915457052771466_n

Contains a headbow, socks, JSK and coat.
3 Colors: Pink, Sax, Black

  • Wonder Toy Coat
  • Wonder Toy ?? JSK
  • Wonder Toy Blouse
  • Wonder Toy ?? Headbow
  • Wonder Toy OTKs

Dreamy Fairy JSK Set ¥12,960 


Contains a headbow, blouse, JSK and socks.
4 colors: pink, lavender, red, black

  • Dreamy Fairy JSK
  • Dreamy Fairy Blouse
  • Dreamy Fairy Headbow
  • Dreamy Fairy OTKs

Baby the Stars Shine Bright [source]

Little rabbit’s Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous SET – ¥17,280
☆ SHOP reservation period: 12/9 (Friday) 17 am to 12/12 (month) each store closed at the time
☆ mail order-only shopping cart reservation period: 12/9 (Friday) 17 am to 12/12 (Mon) 11:00

b40hp099_midori-02 b40hp099_midori-07

15242028_1136571379730394_2131574155568632084_nbaby15171202_1136570543063811_2049541209605864857_n 15253435_858105460958428_7500687002235551377_n 15192760_858105054291802_6129458570748302395_n 15203322_858105020958472_2725662932893479655_n 15267961_858105010958473_4040957416116215030_n 15220100_858105007625140_8745384251118778904_n 15203322_858104970958477_6101689085775665608_n 15192612_858104974291810_6855101389708219432_n 15230805_858104857625155_3009371423681030025_n 15192510_858104854291822_7448127677896517035_n 15284043_858104734291834_6120845228550698259_n 15319082_858104684291839_6522884395795960420_n 15202698_858104690958505_2180732428094227381_n 15319184_858104677625173_2292090764246753108_n-1 15319184_858104677625173_2292090764246753108_n 15232298_858104644291843_3725681595326146252_n 15284912_858104634291844_724809334708839899_n 15230648_858104640958510_2568555929520186382_n 15241909_858104567625184_5495281518921982433_n 15267695_858104527625188_6206001539753979519_n

Two colorways have been shown, pink and mint.

Bust: 80cm-113cm
Waist: 71cm-102cm

Enchantlic Enchantilly

December 9th 21:00 (9pm)

2017 Happy Lucky Bag – Payment by paypal – ¥ 22,680

110331042 110330752

Shipping is within Japan only, so use Tenso if you want it. There is a listing for bank transfer payment as well, but most people are going to want to use paypal if they are overseas.

it says 6 items, though it sounds like it’s really an OP and socks? Maybe there are 4 tiny things? not 100% sure on this one. You can pick “Red” (light colors) or Black (black). The banner is a hint about the print inside. Fully shirred OP.  Value of 30,000 yen (this is what makes me question if the 6 items is correct).

Length: 100cm (BNP ~)
bust: ~ about 100cm
West: to about 90cm
skirt length: about 63cm

Innocent World

December 1st – 5pm Japan time

2017 Special Happy Pack  – ¥ 30,000

Innocent World Lucky pack 2017 Happy pack Innocent World Lucky pack 2017 Happy pack

Image is just a sample of what the contents might be, however, in the past some people have gotten the sample contents or close to it. So if you do not like the sample contents, it’s best to skip it.

Your choice, M or L size.

2017 Special Happy Pack  – ¥ 50,000

Innocent World Lucky pack 2017 Happy pack

No preview yet, but it’s your choice, M or L size.

2017 Special Happy Pack  – ¥ 80,000

Innocent World Lucky pack 2017 Happy pack

No preview yet, but it’s your choice, M or L size.




Listen Flavor [Source]

Available now

LISTEN FLAVOR / 2017 Happy Pack “10000 yen pack” – ¥ 10,800

Listen Flavor Lucky Pack

sub_04 sub_03 sub_02 sub_01


  • T-shirt × 1
  • BIG Ron T × 1 (pictured)
  • design cut × 1
  • skirts, fleece Parker or trainer × 1

22,500 yen value

LISTEN FLAVOR / 2017 Happy Pack “8000 yen pack” – ¥ 8,640

Listen Flavor Lucky Pack

sub_01 sub_02 sub_03 sub_04


  • T-shirt × 1
  • BIG Ron T × 1 (pictured)
  • Printed cutsew × 2
  • Fleece Parka or trainer × 1

22,500 yen value

Liz Lisa [source]

December 16th, 19:00


10,000 Yen Pack

Everyone gets the pictured tote bag, and it’s a pack of 4 items.


30,000 Yen Pack

Collaboration with Sanrio’s My Melody. Everyone gets the hard suitcase pictured, and 7 items.


Available Now

MARBLE / 19 Anniversary total coordination pack – ¥ 20,520

sub_01-1-1 main-6

This is actually from the spring and is still in stock, make of that what you will. You can pick your type and size.

Each pack has three pieces of clothing, plus accessories like mini hats and headdresses to make a total of 19 pieces.

  • [Gothic] Size: M / L
  • [ Alt-based] size: M / L
  • [Lolita] size: M only

Metamorphose [Source]

Harajuku shop is already selling them, other shops and online pending

Apple Holic Ribbon JSK Set – ¥ 20,000   cyk9ddguaaa2yid

cylrf5uuuaaynp8 cylrfhouoaan3r3

Set includes 4 pieces: a JSK, socks, blouse and hat

Apple Holic OP Set – ¥ 18,000 



Set includes 4 pieces: OP, socks, bloomers and ribbon combs

Apple Holic Side Frill JSK Set – ¥ 20,000 



Set includes 4 pieces: a JSK, socks, blouse and ribbon.

Fun-Fun JSK Set (おたのしみJSK) – ¥ 20,000 


Sample set shown; sets will be made from random fabric left over from older series.




Available Now

milklim Special Coordination pack – ¥ 8,640

Milklim Lucky Pack

sub_12 sub_11 sub_10 sub_09 sub_08 sub_07 sub_06 sub_05 sub_04-1 sub_03-1 sub_02-1 sub_01-1 pnk lav blk

Your choice of three color options:

Two piece set; I believe you get one of each of the shirt dress and the fur trimmed dress?

milklim / spring coordination 3-piece pack – ¥ 10,800


ble sub_03-2 sub_02-2 sub_01-3 main-5 pnk-1 blk-1

This was actually put out in the spring, but is still in stock, so make of that what you will. There is a blouse with a moon/star print, a miniskirt and a plastic ring. You can pick the colors.


Pooh-Chan (the cat)

Kera Limited Bag (large) – ¥ 5,400
Available Now


You can pick the “Kera” or “Cute” set. It’s not immediately clear if you get everything in the set photo or if it’s a random lucky pack; you do get 6 pieces valued at 14000 yen though.

Kera Limited Bag (small) – ¥ 3,240
Available Now

PO1 (1) PO2 (1)

You can pick the “Kera” or “Cute” set. It’s not immediately clear if you get everything in the set photo or if it’s a random lucky pack; you do get 5 pieces though.



S · D

Available Now

S · D / “KERA limited” Christmas bags – ¥ 10,800

main-3 sub_01-2

Non-woven fabric tote containing items like jacket, skirt, cutsew, neck warmer, arm warmer. Includes a novelty towel.

45,000 yen value

Swan Kiss

Available Now

Swankiss 2017 Fukubukuro – $232.99



  • Guaranteed to receive the winter coat shown in the photos
  • White or Pink tote pictured (your choice)
  • An Assortment of 2016 A/W Swankiss clothing

Total Value (approx.): $400+


Available Now

TOXIC STAR / Summer Happy Pack – ¥ 3,240


This is also left over from the summer, but posting it just because people might want it.

You get vinyl shopping bag containing clearance items like cutsews, tank tops and dresses 
 22,000 yen Value

Bag size: 55 × 54cm



Outside of Japan

Tour New Souls


Note: I am unfamiliar with this brand and can not vouch for it, but as always, I don’t include anything in these roundups unless I see something in their shop that appears to be of a high enough quality that I would be willing to purchase it (either for myself or a friend).





Note: I’ve never purchased from this brand, but they are well established and many people do purchase from them.