Comming Soon From Angelic Pretty: Holy Laturn (for Halloween)

Holy Lantern Angelic Pretty Halloween Holy Lantern Angelic Pretty Halloween

In the latest Gothic & Lolita Bible, AP showed previews of their new Halloween print, Holy Laturn (Did they mean Lantern?), and their Tokyo Blog released the items and some behind the scenes snaps.

The print features chandeliers, lanterns, crosses, bats and stars. It’s done as a flocked chiffon. The main garment comes in ivory, lavender (see below), wine (see above) and black.


  • Holy Lantern One Piece (¥ 28,140)
  • Holy Lantern Jumper Skirt (¥ 26,040)
  • Holy Lantern Skirt (¥ 18,690)
  • Holy Cross Bow Clips (¥ 2,730)
  • Holy Veil Headband (¥ 3,360)
  • Holy Ribbon Headbow (¥ 3,045) (White × Black × Silver, White × Black × Gold, Black × Black × Gold)
  • (Sample) Pearl Tulle cuff (¥ 3,780) (White, Pink, Black)
  • Holy Cross Over the Knee Socks (¥ 2,310) (White × Black, Lavender × Black, Wine × Black, Navy × Black, Black × Ivory, Black × Gray)
  • Holy Lantern Tights (¥ 4,200) (Ivory × Gold, Black × Silver, Black × Gold)
  • Holy Cross Necklace (¥ 3,990)
  • Holy Cross Ring (¥ 1,890)
  • Holy Cross Bracelet (¥ 3,150)
  • Holy Cross Choker (price TBD)

Holy Lantern Angelic Pretty Halloween Holy Lantern Angelic Pretty Halloween

My first thought when I saw this was what they heck are you doing AP. It’s really out there for them. Now, once I read that it’s a Halloween print, it makes a little more sense, but I’m still not a huge fan of the shapeless OP they have there. The more I look at the motif, the more it grows on me. I’d like to see the socks closer so I could see what to motif is on them (starry sky that’s dripping maybe?), but I think I’ll probably give this one a pass. It might be good for a bittersweet or creepy-cute sort of thing, but the huge crosses kinda overpower the rest from a distance.

Also, what is up with those huge cuffs on the OP? Are those just detachable extension cuffs? If so, they really don’t go well with this. If not, then what do the actual sleeves look like. Also, why does she have what looks like a spray of clunny lace like a maid headdress on her head? The tights in the top image seem to be the same motif as the dress. I feel like it works a bit better as tights than a dress, TBH, and I could see them used with a number of semi-gothic things from Baby. The veil looks pretty interesting as well.

Release is expected to be mid-September.

Shop Release: 9/21
Online Release: 9/28

Color Samples

Holy Lantern Holy Lantern Holy Lantern Holy Lantern

Detail SheetHoly Lantern

Coming Soon From Angelic Pretty: Fancy Paper Dolls & Coat of Arms Tartan

Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Dolls Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Dolls

Lavender collared JSK pictured above.

Coming 9/14 from Angelic Pretty: Fancy Paper Dolls

Fancy Paper Dolls will be in the latest issue of Kera, and the pictures featured here are just sneak-peak photos from their Tokyo Blog.. It seems to feature their Lyrical Bunny character along with Jerry(?) Mouse and Shy Bear as paper dolls. So far, I like it better in the pink than in the lavender (which looks pretty blue, IMHO), but I’m not really a fan of prints with a white outline, personally. It appears to promise some cute accessories though!

Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Dolls Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Dolls

Tiered pink JSK pictured above.


  • Jumper skirt with collar (¥ 26,040)
  • Tiered skirt jumper (¥ 26,040)
  • Skirt (¥ 17,640)
  • Salopette (¥ 19,740)
  • Headbow (¥ 3,570)
  • Headdress (¥ 4,410)
  • Over knee Socks(¥ 3,045)
  • Tights (¥ 4,200)
  • Fancy fur wrist cuffs (¥ 3,780)


  • Pink
  • Sax
  • Lavender
  • Black

Headdress Colors:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Black

Wrist Cuffs (All have offwhite fur)

  • White × pink
  • Pink × pink
  • Sax × pink
  • Lavender × lavender
  • Black × black


Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan

Pictured above is the Blue x Navy JSK.


  • One piece (¥ 28,140)
  • Jumper skirt (¥ 26,040)
  • Low waist jumper skirt (¥ 24,990)
  • Skirt (¥ 18,690)
  • Headbow (¥ 3,360)
  • Beret (Sample)
  • Coat of Arms over knee (¥ 2,310)
  • Coat of Arms ribbon tie blouse (¥ 14,490)


  • Pink × Black × Silver print
  • Red × black × Gold print
  • Blue × navy blue × Gold print
  • Brown × Brown × Gold print
  • Gray × Black × Silver print

OTK Sock Colors:

  • ivory × gold
  • Wine × gold
  • Navy blue × gold
  • Brown × gold
  • Black × silver
  • Black × gold

Blouse Colors:

  • Off white × red
  • Off white × blue
  • Off white × brown
  • Off white × gray
  • Black × pink

Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms Tartan

Pictured above is the Red x Black OP.

I like this series a lot. It’s cute, regimental and it’s got very nice velveteen trim. It’s perfect for fall/winter. I’m not over the moon about tartan prints usually, and if this came in a solid, I’d be much more into it, but I’ll probably pick up some of the accessories at the very least.

Update: Release date is 8/24

Coat of Arms Tartan


Coord Post: Star Night Theater

This past weekend I went down to VA, and while there I went to a meet at the Science Center and saw an Imax on butterflies. It was a lot of fun, even if it was technically for far smaller people than us. They had some really interesting stuff that you could play with like text to speech software, interesting robotics, and a lab full of butterfly specimens (the poor things!) that you could examine under a microscope. I absolutely loved the butterfly Imax and I totally recommend it if you have an Imax near you that’s playing it! One of the things we saw while there was this awesome perspective room which made you look tiny or huge depending on which side you occupied. It was done up in a red-orange and blue and so we decided we had to get some Alice-inspired pictures of us all being shocked at random growing/shrinking.
Star Night Theater

Star Night Theater

Photography/editing by the lovely ladies over at Belladonna.

I’d kinda been toying with the idea of entering the Lockshop flower circus contest since it was announced because circus prints are one of my favorite motifs and I just obtained this OP (and the JSK) from Angelic Pretty. So, when she extended the deadline and I happened to be planning on wearing this OP, and then we found this room, things just sort of came together. Voting ends on the 8th of August, 2013. If you would like to vote for me, just pop on over to my entry on Facebook and press like.

Star Night Theater

Quick coord rundown

  • Angelic Pretty: Star Night Theater OP, Bag, Headbows, Socks, Star rings
  • Bodyline: Shoes
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Black Bangle
  • Chocomint: Red x White Bracelets, Star Pin, Bow ring
  • Surface Spell: Black roses & feather pin in hair
  • Cards & Rose pin is from the art area at Frill (anyone know who made this? I’d love to credit it properly!)