52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : My First Meetup

Today’s post from the 52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge is 17. My First Meetup. I guess technically, my first meet up was the lolita meetup at Katsucon February of 2012. Prior to that, I’d attended Otakon in lolita for a few years and I was part of the online EGL community, but I hadn’t really actually went out to a meetup. I’m really kinda shy, and I had this terrible idea that I wouldn’t be good enough to fit in with my local group, because I’d see these awesome lolita at conventions and I felt like the ugly duckling. I don’t think I got any good photos so I stole one of me from another attendee. Credit is in the caption (and she has a lot more photos from the event)

Raine Dragon Katsucon 2012

Photo Credit goes to Delightful Charm

(I’m wearing Angelic Pretty’s Miracle Candy JSK with AP Socks, IW blouse, Baby bag and Bodyline shoes)

My first non-convention meetup was to see a movie at a local mall, and I don’t think I knew anyone there, because I think it was all different people from the one at Katsucon. 557987_10150607541711642_180961404_nI’m honestly not even sure what movie we went to see, come to think of it. I know it was fairytale themed though. But, I do remember that I met Jayne and totally thought that her awesome hair was a wig because she had it done so well. Seriously, that girl has some impressive hair skills.

Anyways, I was really nervous about going to a mall in lolita, and what I should wear, so I ended up wearing a really toned down old school coord. I think it was because the movie was fairytale themed and this skirt features sleeping beauty? This is after I came home and my hair is rebelling royally. Skirt is Angelic Pretty, Blouse is Innocent World, and everything else is offbrand, I believe.

The third meetup I went to was just a few months later, and it was at the Zoo in DC, and I wore my favorite dress ever, Innocent World’s Strawberry Animal Fields, but I’d moved the strap button and made the straps too long and slouched in all the photos so they came out really bad. However, I met the designers of Belladonna that day, and one of them (who is super adorable, by the way. She was wearing an AP little bird’s symphonia dress with a blonde ringlet wig and all the little girls thought she was a princess) took the picture of my feet that I use for my tumblr icon now.

Strawberry Animal Fields Raindragon Feet

Photo by Cinnabunnylol <3

Actually, speaking of little girls thinking you are a princess. At one point we were in the section of the zoo that had fish and bugs, and someone knew someone… or was just very charismatic, I don’t remember, but they got us a little tour behind the scenes with the octopus. I’m terrified of fish (and octopi, apparently), so I wasn’t interested and just waited for the rest of the group over with the ants and stuff (which are fascinating, just by the way). This mom came up to me with these two little girls and she was like “they think you are a real princess” with this half shrug like “what can I do?”, so I played along for a bit, and it was really cute. It was a really fun trip, but kinda confusing because someone had to leave early because it turns out pets aren’t permitted at the zoo, and people got there all different times, so we had multiple groups going around that were all disconnected. All in all I had a great time though, and I’m really glad I got to meet everyone.

Coming Soon From AP: Musee du Chocolate

I know, I know, I’ve been really quiet lately. I’ve been pretty run down. Turns out, I had an infection in my tear duct (similar to a sinus infection), and it caused my tear duct to be blocked… But I ran around to Frill and a bunch of other things anyways and wore myself totally out. Personal issues aside…

Kimura posted two sneak peak photos to her blog about a new Angelic Pretty print! We’ve run out of thing from the summer catalog already, and this has some nice dark chocolate tones to it, so I think we are likely moving int their fall season. She’s done a good job of covering everything, but it’s certainly brown-based, and I can see some gold trim sticking out. The wardrobe team coordinated it with a brown cake and what looks like a brown bear with a gold crown on her necklace. The headdress seems pretty biscuit-y to me. The make up is very sweet and very cute. I’m guessing either a chocolate dessert theme, or a bear theme (possibly both). AP hasn’t done a good brown bear themed print, unless you count Honey Cake, so it’s long over due and the styling would fit, I think.
Angelic Pretty New Print ChocolateAngelic Pretty New Print Chocolate

Time to go stalk the AP blogs and see what info comes out! I’ll update as I find out more.

Update: AP Tokyo has released images and information
57103 57104 57101 57102 57112 57113 57120 57121

Musee du Chocolate
(Ivory, pink, mint, brown)

  • One piece (¥ 29,190)
  • Jumper skirt (¥ 27,090)
  • Jumper skirt (¥ 27,090)
  • Low waist jumper skirt (¥ 24,990)
  • Skirt (¥ 17,640)
  • Headbow (¥ 3,570)
  • Over knee socks (¥ 2,310) (also in Black)
  • Tights (¥ 4,200)

Update 8/19

The following items were added on the newest posting by the Tokyo blog (and might correspond to one of the below items which was missing from the list)

  • Half bonnet ¥ 8,295

The following items were not listed on the newest posting by the Tokyo blog, which may indicate a later release date, or might just simply be oversight.

  • Dress Set (¥ price TBD)
  • Headdress (¥ price TBD)
  • Mini Hat (¥ price TBD)
  • Scarf (¥ price TBD)
  • Emblem brooch (¥ price TBD)
  • Umbrella (¥ 4,725) (also in Mocha)
  • Wool gloves (¥ 5,145) (Ivory, pink, brown, black)
  • Wrist Cuffs (¥ 3,150) (ivory, mocha, brown, bitter brown)
  • Crew length socks (¥ 2,625) (beige × dark beige, Beige × Brown, Pink × Brown, Mint × Brown, Brown × Dark Brown)

Chocolate Frame
(White, ivory, pink, brown)

  • Chocolate frame pearl choker (¥ 5,145)
  • Chocolate frame bracelet (¥ 3,675)
  • Chocolate frame ring (¥ 2,625)

Porter Chocolate / Chocolate ring
(Ivory, Mocha, Brown)

  • Porter Chocolate Necklace (¥ 3,990)
  • Porter Chocolate bracelet (¥ 3,150)
  • Porter Chocolate Ring (¥ 1,890)
  • Chocolate Ring (¥ 1,890)

Release date is the end of August (tentative).
Update 8/19 – More images

Musee du Chocolate

58209 58208 58207
Official AP Images from Website / Tokyo Blog

tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo6_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo8_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo7_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo3_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo5_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo2_1280 tumblr_mqf7hiwP5f1s9hxveo4_r1_1280 tumblr_mqe8yafpk71s9hxveo1_1280tumblr_mqdkzscb591s9hxveo1_1280
Phone snaps from my issue of Kera