Coming Soon from Angelic Pretty: Dream Sky Re-Release

According to the latest Angelic Pretty catalog (Summer 2013) that was just released May 25th, Dream Sky will be re-released this summer. There is no date listed for the re-release, however, given the popularity of the series the first time around, it’s likely that something will show up in the Japanese blogs a few days before the release and/or a notice will come up on the Angelic Pretty site. Update: 12PM, Saturday June 15th (Japan time) is the release date.

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-Release

The collection page shows the following items:
Dream Sky シュシュ(Dream Sky Scrunchie) – ¥2,310
Dream Sky リボンバレッタ (Dream Sky Ribbon Barrette) – ¥2,730
Dream Sky リボンクリップ(Dream Sky Ribbon Clip) – ¥2,940
Dream Sky ワンピース (Dream Sky One Piece) – ¥27,090
Dream Sky ジャンパースカート (Dream Sky Jumper Skirt) – ¥26,040
Dream Sky サロペット (Dream Sky Salopette) – ¥19,740
Dream Sky スカート (Dream Sky Skirt) – ¥16,590
ストライピボーダークルー丈ソックス (Pinstripe Border Crew Socks) – ¥2,625
Dream Sky タイツ (Dream Sky Tights) – ¥4,200

Colors for the main pieces are Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), and Navy (コン). In other words, three shades of blue and a little purple.

Colors for the tights are Pink (ピンク), Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), Navy (コン) and Black (クロ).

Colors for the socks are White (シロ), Pink (ピンク), Sax (サックス), Lavender (ラベンダー), Blue (アオ), Navy (コン) and Black (クロ).

The OP has some shirring in the back for sure, it’s probably full back shirring.

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-Release

Now, let’s talk about this model for a second. She is wearing Dream Sky Ribbon Clip, Glass Doll Cutsew, Dream Star Necklace, Dream Sky Jumper Skirt, Melty Moon Shoulder Bag, Dream Sky Scrunchie, Magical Moon Ring, Pinstripe Border Crew Socks, a pair of shoes and then it looks like the last line is something about accessories.

If we assume that anything she’s wearing is either something that has come out in the last 6 months, or something that is set to be released in the future, then we can add to the list of probably to be released items:
Dream Starネックレス (Dream Star Necklace) -¥3,990
Melty Moon ショルダーバッグ (Melty Moon Shoulder Bag) – ¥9,345
Magical Moon リング (Magical Moon Ring) – ¥1,680

The fact that the Melty Moon Shoulder Bag popped up in AP Tokyo’s blog as an atelier sample piece in a coord with Milky Planet make it seem even more likely to me that this is probably going to be out with the Dream Sky series, if not shortly before or after.

AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord

However, for those who have their hopes up for a star bag after seeing either of these coords from AP Tokyo, I’d like to note that it specifies that the bags in these pictures is from a staff member’s personal collection. So I’m doubtful that we will see either of these bags come out again with this series (though you really never know!).

AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord AP Tokyo Milky Planet Coord

So, obviously the colors are different this time around. Pink and Black have been dropped, and if Milky Planet’s color shift is anything to go by, it’s quite probable that this is going to be a more minty sax, and possibly a darker navy. The lavender looks lighter and slightly bluer, but the photo looks blown out so I’m not sure.

The JSK still has the big satin bow in front, and it still has beads on the strap. For those who go looking for this on Mbok after the release, this is what the beads on the strap of the old and new JSK look like. Both have matte  stars where one is bigger than the other two. There should not be crystal stars or crystal hearts. Dresses with no star beads, or with crystal stars or hearts should be assumed to be fakes.

Original Dream Sky DreamSky1b

The OP also appears to be the same cut, and like the JSK, it should have three matte stars only they should be on the neckties. The absence of these stars is indicative of a fake. The stars in the new version are a different color than the stars in the old version.

The skirt looks to be the same as well, look for the metal AP logo star charms on the ends of the waist ribbon in the older version to show authenticity. It’s highly likely that they will also be on the new version as well.

The old release barrette should have the same stars as the JSK and OP, the new release bows and scrunchie should all have the AP logo star charm.

The salopette is new, as are the tights and socks. Personally, I really like the tights and the royal blue color. I might pick up the miniskirt in the blue tone and some of the tights in a lighter color, but I’m not sure yet.

Note: credit for the catalog scans goes to devoncuppycakes on Tumblr as my copy hasn’t gotten here yet.

Update: AKB48’s Sato Sumire has posted images of herself modeling the JSK

AKB48 Sato Sumire Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-release AKB48 Sato Sumire Angelic Pretty Dream Sky Re-release

It looks like she has on a Magical Moon necklace, so it’s probably safe to add that to the list of potential re-release items as well.

Update: Release date will be this weekend (12PM, Saturday the 15th (Japan time)), the details and color samples are below:

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky

Dream Sky Dream Sky Dream Sky Dream Sky

Coord Post – Toy March at Fiesta Asia & National Zoo


Quick outfit rundown
Angelic Pretty: Toy March Jumper Skirt, Toy March Headbow, Pink Headbow, Star Night Necklace, British Ribbon Necklace, Carousel Necklace, Socks, pony ring and bangle, pink star bangle, parasol, strapped barrette (pinned to side of waist), ruffled badge
Vivienne Westwood x Melissa: ShoesBodyline: Blouse
Paris Kids: Gold pearl necklace
Chocomint: 2 Way Stars (pink and gold), pink/black/red heart and star beaded bracelets, bow rings (red and pink)
Meta: Large pink bow bangle
6% DokiDoki: Black heart beaded bracelet
Dollar Store: Gold Star Bangle

On Saturday we had a meetup at Fiesta Asia and the National Zoo (it was actually two meetups that both ended up on the same day, so we just sort of smooshed them into one)

It rained on and off all day, so we ended up seeing part of the parade at Fiesta Asia, an exhibit about the costumes of the Russian Ballet (~1900-1920, I think?) at one of the Smithsonian art museums that we ducked into for lunch, and then part of the zoo before, and then there was sushi at Union station, but I ducked out to take the train home before that because I was feeling really tired (and I don’t like sushi).

Imani got the guard at the museum to take a picture for us, so here is the morning group (photo swiped from Imani).
Metro Lolita

By afternoon, we had a totally different group, because people kept coming and going!

52 Week Lolita Challenge: How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

I know, I know, I’ve fallen a bit off the bandwagon with the whole 52 week challenge. I’ve been really worn out lately, and got a bit behind. I’ll try to do better in the future! That said, this week’s out-of-order-on-a-whim-selected topic is number 44: How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions.

I wear two main styles of lolita; classic and sweet. When I wear classic, unless it’s to a meet up, it’s usually pretty understated. I might get a couple older ladies telling me they like my dress (and a weirdly high number of comments about how it’s nice to see a young lady wearing hose) and every now and then a little girl will say something to me or someone will ask why I’m so dressed up. I get a couple funny looks, but, mostly I’m wearing black, brown or navy and it’s mostly pretty tame, so I assume that a lot of people just assume it’s some sort of goth fashion or what not. I get a couple odd photo requests, but it’s usually not too bad.

When I wear classic to a meetup, or go all out with a lot of flowers in my hair and fancier shoes, though, the number of comments and photo requests goes up. Mostly though, people are polite and mostly they still don’t pay too much attention to me.

I also wear sweet, and when I wear sweet it usually ranges from OTT Sweet to DecoLoli, so it’s almost never even half as tame as a classic coord. My sweet wardrobe is predominately red and pink, with a few odd blue or lavender pieces (most of which have red or pink in the prints on them). I have own two strawberry shaped purses, and a few polka-dotted pieces and a few pieces with strawberries. If you are a sweet lolita, you can probably guess where this is going by now, but if not, and for those who aren’t; I get called strawberry shortcake. A lot. It eclipses the other names (Shirley Temple, Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep, Mary Bo Peep, Mary, Dolly, etc) by a large margin. I also have found that the more OTT your outfit, the more often you get stopped. I know from my experience in the world of design/marketing that the human eye is attracted to red more than other colors. This holds true for red coordinates in my experience. I get a little bit of heckling when I’m in urban areas, but mostly, I get curious tourists, passerbys and people with kids asking for pictures or about my outfit. Lots of questions of “are you in a play” or “are you a singer/in a band” too.

I pretty much always say yes to photos, because quite frankly, I don’t care all that much if someone takes my picture. I just take it as a compliment, pose and move on. (Though, I will apologize and politely say no if I’m eating, late, or really mussed up in some way). Of course, this does result in less than stellar photos of me if I’m really tired. I need to learn some sort of cute pose that gets me out of smiling, because I look like some sort of creature that eats small children when I smile while exhausted.

When little kids think I’m a princess, I just play along. I usually compliment them on their shoes or hair accessories (or for boys, their teeshirts) because those tend to be pretty safe things to compliment. I smile, say hello, and bend down to talk to them for a moment. I’ll rework parts of lines from a little princess sometimes; telling them things like every little girl is a princess if she’s good and kind. Just cute little feel-good things that fit into what I guess the parents would expect from a princess character at a theme park, since that’s basically what the little kids have equated me with. Usually we pose for a photo or two, and then I wave good bye and wish them a nice day.

When adults ask about what I’m wearing, there are three stock answers. One, is the meetup answer which goes along the lines of “We are a fashion club and we all just got dressed up to come out and see ____ today”. The second is the convention answer “There is a Japanese arts and animation convention at ___ today. I’m just dressed up in a style of Japanese street fashion.”. The last is the answer I give when I’m on my own, and it’s either that I’m wearing clothes from my favorite Japanese designer, or it’s “I’m wearing a type of Japanese street style. Kind of like we have goth and punk styles in the US, they have their own there. This style takes elements of Victorian and rococo fashion and remixes it with a sort of pop vibe.” Unless someone actually starts talking about J-fashion styles or specifically asks for a name, I omit the word lolita. It just has way too many negative connotations in the west, and the fashion is way too obscure for it to be something that could be over come by explaining to people. Actually, to be honest, I tell my own mother I wear decora or maiden style (otome) depending on the outfit, just to save her from having a conniption.

I realize that I look odd when I go out, and I understand when people take photos (as long as they aren’t pervy photos) that it’s because they are surprised and think it’s neat / odd / interesting. I understand that I’m basically entering into the realm of performance art with how far out of the norm I am, and I’m ok with that. So, I don’t yell at people taking pictures. I do sometimes tell people to please ask before they take a picture if I’m with a group that is getting agitated, or if the person’s body-language is hostile, mocking, or otherwise just off. I also try not to snub people, or be rude to people asking questions, and I try to gracefully deal with all the attention, though, I am very much an introvert, so it can get tiring. I’m pretty good at reading body language and avoiding people I don’t want to talk to, so for the most part, I’m able to navigate the comments, questions and photo requests politely and respectfully. The only exception to that is when someone is really out of line; I’m not above dressing down someone who is trying to take up-skirt shots or something equally disgraceful. When people aren’t being rude though, I try to be polite back, and it irks me a little when I’m with a group and the group is openly hostile to people who are merely curious and are being polite. I understand that it can be tiring to get the same questions over and over, but the person asking doesn’t know that it’s the 50th time that day, and it makes me kinda sad to see old ladies who come up thinking the group is fascinating only to be harassed back.