The Look for Less: AP Sweet Border Print Look with Bodyline

There are three main ways to buy lolita on a budget. One is to buy things on sale/buy lucky packs, another is to buy second hand, and the third is to buy from less expensive sources. Some lolita think that the only way to get “the look” that brands like AP hilight is to buy illegal replicas of those items made by Chinese counterfeiters. This is absolutely not the case, and so today I’d like to showcase two coordinates. The first coordinate is one that was published by Angelic Pretty to show off their Cherry Berry Bunny print. I’ve grabbed the items shown in the coordinate and included the stock photos (the blouse and wrist cuffs might not be exact; I couldn’t see them clearly in the image, and I don’t have the book it came from with me at the moment to check the caption)

Cherry Berry Bunny Coord


  1. Cherry Berry Bunny Heart JSK (Cherry Berry Bunnyハートジャンパースカート) – ¥27,090
  2. Cherry Berry Bunny Head Bow (Cherry Berry Bunnyカチューシャ) – ¥3,570
  3. Cherry Berry Bunny OTKs (Cherry Berry Bunnyオーバーニーソックス) – ¥2,310
  4. Satin Ribbon Pearl Blouse with Sleeves (サテンリボンパール付け袖ブラウス) – ¥14,490
  5. Logo Star Charm Wrist Cuffs (ロゴスターチャームお袖とめ) – ¥2,730
  6. Tea Party Shoes – ¥14,490

total:¥64,680 (~$785.00 USD)


And, for the look for less, I’m actually going to change up the color scheem a little. While it’s certainly possible to find things in yellow and pink, the dress I wanted to use (similar cut, also a rabbit motif) doesn’t come in yellow, so we are going to do pink and sax blue instead.

Bodyline Cinderella Bunny Coord

  1. Bodyline JSK L481 – $67.00 USD
  2. Bodyline Blouse L364 – $40.00 USD
  3. Delicate Lolita Wrist Cuffs In Pink With Pink Bows by MyDearestVictoria – $25.00 USD
  4. Pink Sweet Lolita Hairbow with White Lace by SweetMildred – $20.00 USD
  5. Bodyline SOCKS413 – $7.00 USD
  6. Bodyline SHOES251– $40.00 USD

total:$199.00 USD

Now, some people might look at that total and think that is still really steep, and in a way, it is. The indie wrist cuffs aren’t that much cheaper than the ones from AP, and the blouse, JSK and shoes, are actually in the mid-to-upper price range for bodyline. However, the shoes and the blouse could be easily re-used across multiple coordinates if you keep the same colors. I opted for the blouse and shoes I liked best to match these things, but bodyline certainly has nice blouses and shoes for about half as much if you are on a tight budget!

New Release: Putumayo Magic Frame

Before I get to the lovely frills, I just want to give a couple words of caution. While I love a lot of the designs Putumayo puts out, they are a punk lolita brand and their target audience is younger teens. Because of this, their clothes are a lot shorter than most other brands. Like seriously short. I’m 162cm tall, and most Putumayo is much too short for me to comfortably wear alone and call punk lolita (many lolita would argue it’s too short to be called lolita at all, but that is a different argument all together). So, when I wear Putumayo, I usually layer it. The other thing people will likely notice very quickly is that Putumayo costs a lot less than other major brands. This is totally, true, and even more so when they have sales. There is, however, a trade off. Putumayo is generally making more casual clothing, and they use cheaper construction methods and materials, in my experience. I’ll do a review later of the velveteen OP I already have from them, but lets just say, I’m not going to order this series unless it goes on sale so that I can easily recoup what I paid if I get it and am not pleased with the material quality. If I lived in Japan and could just pop into a shop and look at the dress it would be totally different. Now, all that said, don’t get me wrong, they make nice clothing, I like their cotton stuff, and their cutsews are awesome. It’s just not the same class as an elaborate dress from Innocent World, for example (and it’s not supposed to be).

Magic Frame Velveteen OP - Red x GoldMagic Frame OTKsVelveteen Swallowtail VestMagic Frame Velveteen SkirtKey Emblem CardiganMagic Frame Velor Parka

The Crown Emblem Cardigan isn’t actually part of this series, but it just came out this month, and I happen to think it’s super cute so I tucked it into the mix as well. I love the print on this (it comes in black x white, red x gold and navy x white in the OP, and the same colors, plus black x red in the skirt (the bloomers under the skirt are sold with it as a set, but they are not attached) and I actually saw it in a picture on Harajuku Heart’s Facebook page a bit ago where they were featuring another brand and it was hiding in the background and it looked really cute in their snapshot. I guess this is one of those times where I’m just going to either have to wait and see if someone else gets it and can tell me what the fabric is like… or take a gamble on it. Oh! one more thing to note, for anyone who’s clicked through to Putumayo and is marveling at the generous measurements; the OP may not have a zipper at all; the last shirred one I got from them didn’t. So the measurements have to be big enough to go on over your head or over your hips for you to put it on. ^^;

and here are the Putumayo coordinates:
Putumayo Magic Frame Coord 001Putumayo Magic Frame Coord 003Putumayo Magic Frame Coord 002

All in all it’s a cute little series, and it’s great for the winter holidays, IMHO.

Coming Soon : Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon Series!

The AP-Tokyo blog posted some photos, and the most recent issue of Kera also has pictures of a new AP series; Jewel Ribbon (ジュエルリボンシリーズ). I have a huge weakness for red x white polkadots, so when I first saw this ribbon-candy-stripe print in red, I was enamored.

Jewel Ribbon Red Shirred JSK
Jewel Ribbon 001
This is the first version of the JSK. As far as I can tell, the bodice is fully shirred. This is a little different for AP; they don’t put out fully shirred dresses very often. I really like the skirt on this, I love the polkadots, the colors and I’m even pretty sold on the ribbons, but I’m just not sure about the shirring on me. I think it’s awesome that they made a fully shirred JSK, because it’s going to fit some girls who might not normally fit into AP… but I don’t know if it will flatter my bodytype.  The socks however, are absolute love. the front has a scalloped panel of polkadots and the sides are a bunch of bows. I know I want them in red. I don’t know for sure what other colors the socks come in yet, but if they come in other colors I wear often, I’ll probably pick them up in more than one color!

Jewel Ribbon Black JSKJewel Ribbon Black

This is the other JSK cute. I like the bodice better on this one, but it’s got a tiered skirt, and I don’t like the way it looks when stripes are tiered personally. So while I do like this print; I think I’ll have to see more of it before I decide one way or the other.

According to the journal entry from AP/kera the set contains these two JSKs, a head bow, a skirt and OTK socks. I’d like to see the skirt!

It comes in a few different colors. Wine Red, Brown, Black x Pink and Black x Lavender. I wish the red was more red and less wine because it would match more things in my closet, but c’est la vie.